A New Set of Goals – September Edition

September 6, 2017

A New Set of Goals - September Edition

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that we are in September. And when I think about this college year being my last – after already 5 years everything starts to spin.

As I do any new year, I set goals at the start of a new school year. Trying to improve yourself is key when you aim to be a happier person and setting goals helps you understand what you need to work on.

I have done some thinking during the summer months about what I can improve in my daily life and how. This 3 are going to be my main focus…

A New Set of Goals - September Edition routine

Get A New Routine –

I don’t understand how people cannot like having a routine. Sure, it’s good to sometimes do something without planning it beforehand but when I want to stay on top of, well my life basically, I try to establish a routine. It will take a few days if not weeks to get used to this new beginning, but it will help me to plan my workouts and blogging time in advance. I need to make sure that I take time for things that make me feel better to insure that my anxiety won’t get crazy.

However, I need to also plan less – I am making no sense, right? Let me explain. I tend to always plan my day out in my head, sometimes even minute by minute like ‘okay, so my class finishes at 4:30pm, so I’ll be home by 4:55 pm so I’ll start working out at around 5:10pm and start dinner around 6:20pm and… So when starting doesn’t go as planned, I freak out a bit and if I’m really tired it will trigger my anxiety and I won’t be able to get rid of it so that I can have a good night of sleep. Therefore, it’s decided, I will make efforts to just go with the flow and not be a schedule freak.


Speaking about Anxiety… –

Anxiety and panic attacks have been taking a toll on my life in the past I would say 3-5 years. I have made improvements *pat self on the back* that have taken time and effort and I want to make sure to making some. My main anxiety-trigger moments are bedtime and getting out of the apartment, especially if it’s on my own or if I need to go somewhere I have never been to.

I have decided for this new school year to keep my anxiety in check and to try to do everything that I can to reduce it : eating healthy, working out regularly (I want to try running again) and meditating daily. I’ll keep you posted…


Saying Yes More –

Because I don’t like unplanned things and certain situations can make me anxious if not on the verge of a panic attack (rarely now thankfully), I tend to say “no” pretty easily. Whether it’s going out for a drink, going to a party with friends and even my surprise getaway can be hard to deal with for me. I have made efforts at the end of last’s school year and I was really happy to so I want to stay on track and make the most of this last year of college.


Have you set any goals for this new start?

xxx Gabrielle

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5 responses to “A New Set of Goals – September Edition”

  1. Velvet Blush says:

    I haven’t set any goals yet but I really think I need to start saying yes more. It is really hard at first, but then again I think it’ll open up more opportunities too x

    Velvet Blush

  2. saradiz says:

    I hope you can achieve them!
    Check out my most recent post and let me know your thoughts about it! xx

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