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mars 5, 2017


A little background

snapchat-6055989640653277157A year ago, while studying in Birmingham I decided to live a healthier lifestyle. I was never really into fast food nor processed food and have always lead an active lifestyle as much as possible. But I am not perfect and after an internship to the US quite a while ago (4 years already??) I had gained quite a bit of weight and it was really hard for me to lose all of it. I had lost most of it but there were still these remaining kilos that were making me feel uncomfortable if I didn’t feel « covered » my clothes.

So last January 2016, I decided it would be the year of change. I felt tired all the time, quite often sluggish and just didn’t feel good in my own body. Therefore, I started to take even more care of what food I was eating, making sure my breakfast cereals or oatmeal didn’t have added sugars or additives, being careful to have loads of veggies and grains for lunch and dinner and trying hard not to eat too much carbs, especially pasta (I must have been Italian in another life…). I also decided to take a cheat day once a week which made the whole thing way easier.

I also decided that while abs are made in the kitchen, I still needed to workout so I started using FitnessBlender’s videos on Youtube and worked out three times a week. It felt great and I lost a bit of weight and got a bit stronger. Although their videos are amazing, when the summer came on, I was using my parents’ elliptical more that their videos and though I didn’t do the cheat days anymore, I still indulged two-three times a week in order to stay sane. As any beginning of Autumn terms, I struggled to keep my diet in check and to keep working out regularly, I wasn’t really getting weight but I could tell that I wasn’t that fit nor toned anymore. I still used the elliptical on the weekend but I could tell something was missing…

Blogilates Youtube Channel


I can’t remember how, but as I was scrolling Youtube one day, I came across Blogilates as I was looking for a workout to do and loved it! I remember it was the Slim’n’Sculpt Beginner’s POP Pilates video. I was actually looking forward to doing it again! I loved how strong and empowered (and sore the next few days) I felt and how actually fun it was.

Cassey is a certified group instructor so she knows her stuff and has been on Youtube for almost 8 years and has now 3.5 million followers, her activewear line and POP Pilates (which she invented) is now a certified program. She is herself amazing. Though she is not physically here, her workouts actually pushes you to go on, she is so upbeat and always tells you to keep going, that you look amazing or graceful, that she is so proud of you, and at the end gives you an actual « high-five » in the air.

She also has an amazing blog where you can find anything from her videos, to food recipes, « before&after » photos of POPsters as the calls her members and even a calendar that she creates for each month where you can find the workouts you need to do each day and actually only have to click the name to be lead to the video on Youtube.

1 Month Results


I have not followed a Blogilates calendar as I started a week into February (though I could have) but I decided to make a list of videos that target a specific area and create my own calendar so that I could make sure to have about 30 minutes each day (and one rest day) and to adapt it to my schedule (and my hair wash days to be honest).

I have done it for one whole month and absolutely love it. I feel way stronger and fitter that before, I feel so good after working out and love the moves which makes the whole 30 minutes pass by super quickly and really enjoying myself. I can tell my core is way stronger (and flatter!) that before, my whole body has toned up and slimmed down and even my sister told me yesterday that I looked slimmer and more toned!

I really enjoy Cassey’s personality which totally comes across on camera and I just love the moves (I way prefer being lying down that standing when I workout) as they are comfortable while still really effective. I love the overall routine of the workouts and just how relaxed and focused I feel during them.  I am definitely going to keep going as I want to continue to feel and look better and I honestly really enjoy these 30 minutes I get to work on myself, for myself.

What’s special about Blogilates

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Here are a few exemples of her videos

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I totally love this channel and I am currently creating my calendar for this month and totally recommend it if you want to get back in shape or want to try something different.

Have you ever tried Blogilates’s videos? Did you enjoy them? Which type of workout are you mostly into?


I hope you enjoyed and have a great Sunday!

xx Gaby

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