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June 16, 2017

Helloooo lovelies !!

I really need to calm down Okay. As some of you might now, this year I was doing a Master degree in Marketing. When it was time to apply for the second year of the master, I naturally applied for 2 that were in the continuity of my year in marketing. We learned a couple months before the interviews and results that, as there had been changes for this year, they couldn’t accept all the students (they don’t usually anyway, but they can accept only a certain amount of people and we were double the number I believe, about 120). I had had to retake 2 exams because of difficulties and personal issues and could feel that it would be a disadvantage. I have quite a diverse education and most of my classmates had been studying marketing for years and were way better than I am. Therefore, I could feel that it would not go well.

And I was right I learned on the last day of school that because of these 2 failed (but then validated) exams I had been rejected as a first “wave” of rejection. I cried for hours (and all through the exam I had that morning).I was so down. I felt like a failure and could not believe that I was going to start my internship without knowing what I would be doing next year.

For weeks, I had to look for other programs that did not totally interest me, but that I still applied to just to make sure I could continue my studies. I then came across a program at the university that I currently belong to (which is a great one) that offered a course entirely taught in English (🙌) with incredibly interesting courses offered for students from all over the world so of course they are very selective. It felt perfect for me so I applied. A week ago, I did an interview which was already a step in the right direction. It went okay, but I was afraid that these two failures would have a bad effect and that I didn’t do an amazing job during the interview. Still, I was happy with myself for having been natural and honest and for having done my best (I hoped…).

But I was still so stressed out. I tried to be positive but was afraid that I would go back to a bad place if I was not accepted again (especially for this program). It kept me up at night because of how much I wanted to be accepted. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy course, but it would allow me to learn so much and to be surrounded my students from so many countries which is so enriching, and the course itself sounded perfect. I tried not to get my hopes up and to just know that, as I learned just after coming back home from the interview, that another university had accepted my application. So I would still have had something. But you know how it’s like when something really is close to your heart. You want it badly. Therefore you stress out a lot and keep going from “what if I am accepted” to “I am not good enough for it, they won’t accept me”
I am so incredibly happy to tell you that I have just learned that I have been accepted!!!!!!!! OMG I still can’t believe it I am so relieved and so happy. It was so weird when I went to the city I will be going to for one of the two interviews of the Marketing Master, I had felt that “clic” that this is where I will be going. It was unexplainable, that feeling of knowing something but not how you know it. I am so sorry if (probably) I am not making any sense. Basically, I could just tell in my heart that it was where I was going to be next year for absolutely no reason. I have also noticed that everytime I can picture myself somewhere, a city, an apartment, a university, it’s what happens. I don’t wanna take that for granted but I just want to say: trust your guts. Whatever you can feel is right for you, what you are meant to do because your guts and heart tell you it meant to happen, just do it and trust yourself.


View on the campus

I am going to stop rambling now, BTW thank you so so much for 100 followers! I have noticed that now that I am posting about everything and anything that I love and that I am passionate about you guys seem to enjoy my blog more and more and that makes me so happy. Thank you so much for liking and commenting from the bottom of my heart.  II have been so inspired lately so I have a good amount of posts to come your way that hopefully you will enjoy ðŸ˜‰

A normal post will be up on Sunday, so stay tuned for that !

Have an amazing day !!


xoxo Gaby

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  1. Kali Borovic says:

    Congrats! That’s such exciting news! Good luck with everything xx.

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