A little Fall Kiko Makeup Haul!

November 6, 2016

Hey guys!

A couple weeks ago as I was picking up gifts for my cousins I came across some great sales in Kiko so I picked up a few things.


First thing I picked up was the Flawless Fusion Bronzer Powder in 01. It was 5,95€ instead of 10,95€ so I just had to get it! I had just swatched it on the back of my hand that it had magically appeared in my basket. It is so buttery and perfect on the skin, it does not look like you are wearing bronzer because it blends so well on the skin and appears very natural. I am obsessed.


Next I picked up the Glow Touch lips & cheek in 102 Wave Hibiscus. It’s basically a cream blush that can also be used as a lipgloss. It’s exactly what I have been searching for: easy to apply, pigmented but not too much, natural looking and it gives a perfect glow and freshness to your face. I got this for 2-2,5€ instead of 2,80€ – a bargain. It’s what I use every day now because I love it that much.


Next I got the High Pigment Wet and Dry eyeshadow in 49 Pearly Warm Brown. This eyeshadow is dreamy, again so buttery and the color is just my favorite eyeshadow color in a pot honestly. It’s a brown with copper, bronze and tiny bits of cranberry. It’s really easy to blend and I feel like this is perfect for every eye color. I have green eyes and it really brings out the green and orange in my eyes, my sister has hazelnut eyes and it looks amazing on her, on blue and grey eyes its would make the eyes pop so much. I cannot say how much I am obsessed.


Left: Blush swatch ; Right: Eyeshadow swatch


Lastly I picked up a Nail lacquer in 380 Medium Grey. I really wanted a grey nail polish but usually it does not look good with my warm skin tone, but this one looked like it would suit me better that other greys and since I love this formula- and the price, 1€ is unbeatable.

I am absolutely obsessed with everything I picked up, the Kiko sales are really great as it  involves really great quality products. They have beautiful packagings and great formulas so I really advise you to try some of their products – if you can.

I hope you enjoyed! Next up is a drugstore (I’ve been bad I know…)

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xoxo Gaby

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    Love your post!!❤️

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