A Little Bit of Happiness for Everyday Struggles

June 13, 2018

I’ve been having a little bit of a hard time lately. Not in my life per se, everything is going fine and life is pretty good right now. It’s more that I’m having to make so pretty big life changing decisions and it’s scaring the hell out of me.

I’m trying no to let it take a toll on me though so I’ve been focusing on the good and doing things that I love in order to counter act the stress of it all.

Talking and cuddling my boyfriend has been one. I know, how cringe-y. Sorry. But I’m very lucky to have had an amazing support in him in the past almost 8 years (time flies…). He is so supportive and is my rock. I think having that someone, whoever that is that always has you back is a real game-changer. I know that Facetiming my sister is really helpful as well because she cracks me up so much – and my dog keeps pocking is little nose on the screen and looks so damn cute I can’t help but smile.

I’ve also found peace in working out. I still go three times a week to the gym and sweating out all the stress has helped. I know that for the sake of my mental health I do need to workout regularly, even if it’s just going for a walk. I’ve also been really enjoying yoga lately. I use the Yoga by Adrienne videos on youtube and I love them. The mix of body strength control and breathing is really helpful. Exercise in everyday life is necessary to keep the mind clear or help you relieve stress.

Dogs. Especially puppies are a life-saver. I’ve been addicted to Instagram accounts of dogs and I like to watch videos or look at photos from their account at night. Even when I’m anxious it’s been helping a lot to make me smile and feel happy. They are such bundles of joy and are so cute I melt everytime. Cuddling my real life family dog helps a lot of course, but unfortunately I don’t see him that often. Pets have a power of their own, they have their own personality and funny traits that can really make a difference in your day.

Reading a great book, listening to music, watching Youtube videos and TV shows help as well. When I feel stressed or down, I make sure to do watch something entertaining and that’s going to lift my spirits. Hello October, Allana Davison, MoreZoella, Samantha Maria, Queer Eye, Carrie Rad, the I Heart book series and old music favorites have been in my go-to list lately.

Planning for our trip to London and our anniversary trip have been very helpful in making me feel better. Having something positive to wait for is great, it gives you something to look forward to and day-dreaming about these trips make time go by more quickly as well – and very painful butt working seem less painful too.


Do you have any other tip on how to bring a little bit of happiness when you are feeling down or stressed.

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