A light summer base with the Erborian BB cream

June 11, 2019

It has been hot here in Grenoble, my friends, and every year, when summer and its heat comes around all I can think about is have a shower or dip in a pool. Any pool, I don’t care. My days revolve around moving the least amount of times possible and poor water on my arms every time I wash my hands. No, seriously. We don’t have the air con in our office and it’s a glass building. I’ll let you picture our heat hell.

And because it’s such a sweaty prone environment, I start hating makeup a bit. And that’s weird for me. But why the hell wear foundation if it’s going to make me look like a shiny disco ball in a few hours and possibly clog my pores as an added benefit?

Last year, I ended up using just concealer to cover any area that needed coverage. But I wasn’t that please with the result because with having a bit of keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) on my cheeks, my skin is unevenly reddish.

So this year, I started a quest for a good product that would be light on the skin, doesn’t clog my pores, even out my skin tone and last all day. And I think I’ve found it, guys. Since I’ve been having a bit of an issue with my skin lately, I wanted something that wasn’t too foundation-y (if that means something). As I have an oily skin (but more normal in the colder months), I’ve strayed clear of BB creams so far. I wasn’t comfortable enough in my skin to wear something with so little coverage and because of the fact that it also have more skincare properties, I never ventured in this part of the beauty world. Well, hold your seats ladies and gents because I went there.


I had been eyeing the Erborian BB Cream au Ginseng  for a while then. “Korean beauty”, “multiple properties” and “baby skin” were definitely the words that called my name. With a little over 4 out of 5 out of 687 reviews on Sephora, I thought “why not!”.

So there I was, using my little 25% off voucher. I received my order within 5 days which is pretty good and was too excited to wait to be home to open my order, so there I was, in the office opening a Sephora box. I know, my colleagues must have been so jealous. But upon opening the tube, and testing it out on my hand, I got scared “fork, this looks orange”. As there were only three shades (it’s 2019 Erborian…), I picked the middle shade “golden” as I’m usually more in the light/medium range of shades, usually. Of course, I had washed my hands before trying it out but sending back a face product is quite tricky. As soon as I got home, I took off the concealer I had used all over my face, waited for my face to dry, and put it on.

I started with half of my face, and actually it was looking okay so I put it everywhere. And you know what? It’s actually fine! Thankfully I had spent four days pretty much outside all day (wearing SPF 50 on my face and body, of course) so I am pretty tanned right now. But I still did the ultimate test: asking my boyfriend if he thought my face looked funny, without telling him what I’d done. He said I look fine. “Not too orange?”, no. Well, winner!

What it does

Even out my skin

Make my pores look smaller

Smooth out everything

What it doesn’t do

Dry my skin

Cover everything

Give a tacky feeling on the skin


I was quite surprised that it didn’t make me that shinier either. I tend to get shiny in the afternoon, I mean after 6 hours of wearing something when you have an oily skin, it’s normal, but it was actually as oily as when I wear foundation. It didn’t move my other face products around however and I still look pretty damn good when I get home at around 5:30 pm after having walked home under 33°C – and that’s quite the test. I just pat the oily areas with a tissue (or toilet paper piece, let’s be real) and I’m fine to go.

I love that I can put as little or as much as I want and it doesn’t look cake or feel heavy on my skin. It feels more like skincare than makeup and that’s something I’m totally on board for.

The fact that it has SPF 20 as well is a good bonus. I do still wear an SPF 50 everyday, but it’s a nice addition.

I would say that the smell is a bit too strong for my liking – even though it’s a nice smell. I do prefer non-fragrance products but it’s not over-powering and I can’t smell it once it’s on my face so that’s good!


Final thoughts

I am very happy with this purchase – phew!

I love putting it on and not feeling too done, if that makes sense? My skin just looks better, not to fake, and I actually appreciate the tint of it. I do prefer a natural look in the warmer months and that’s totally doing its job. I think I just need a good powder to help with the oiliness but apart from that, I’m very happy with this product.


What’s your favorite light coverage product? Have you tried something from Erborian that you think I should try next?

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