A Letter to My Younger Self…

January 29, 2018

January 29th, 2018

Dear Gaby,

Hi, hello there, I am you from the future. 2018 to be precise. Yeah, I know weird right?

Okay, first let’s address something you won’t be too happy about. Cars still don’t fly. I know, I know, I’m so disappointed as well. And parking is not your forte girl but that’s not why I am writing you.

I, now at the big age of 23 – haha just kidding – have seen you do a lot of things. I have to say first that you never thought you would actually ever do a lot of these things so you can be proud.

Yes, you have done a year abroad in the UK, you have done an internship in Miami with the most amazing people and kept on going no matter the challenges, you have met the most amazing friend ever, have the best boyfriend and have lived in 4 cities so far – without counting your hometown. You have a 2-year post-A level course in International Trade, a Bachelor degree in Applied Foreign Languages, a Master 1 in Marketing and you are currently doing a Master 2 International Manager in an international class. Yes girl, you are studying amongst people from all over the world and speak English 90% of the day! I know, how cool.

As I’ve experienced first-hand what will become your future, I just want to let you know that everything is going to be okay. Not gonna lie, you will face many challenges. Yes, what you have been feeling for years now is not just “weird stress/ abnormal repetitive stomach flu”, it’s a real condition called anxiety that will be quite the struggle and hold you back for quite a while but you know what? It.will.get.better. It will take time but it will make you way stronger.

You will still feel quite alone for a little bit but very soon, you will meet the friend who will change your life forever. You will have the best time ever, the best sleepovers you could ever imagine and eat Ben&Jerry’s whilst watching movies for hours aka the dream.

Throughout your post-graduation years, you will feel like none of the degrees really fit you but you will later realize how much they have taught you – knowledge and self-growth. And in the end, they will contribute to who you will become.

You will travel to the most amazing cities and places that will change you, do make the most of the food girl! But please, when in a certain city in the US, switch pretzels for salads, you will thank me later.

Another very important point. Get rid of the friends who don’t lift you up but give you complexes. I know you eventually will, but don’t wait and do it whilst they haven’t “damaged” you too much. You are worth it. Also, stop trying to please everyone. In the end, you are not responsible for everyone’s happiness and what matters is how happy you are. It will save you a lot of efforts and one-way gestures.

A lot of people will try to put you down and make you feel and think that you cannot do something. F*** them. You definitely can – and will. Haters gonna hate but doesn’t mean they will thrive.

And I think lastly, do remember this: everything happens for a reason. Trust your guts. Take care of yourself. And please, please… keep on smiling.


xx Gaby from the Future


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