A review of some Glossier makeup products

décembre 29, 2018

Glossier 2I had been waiting for this long enough.

After Glossier was finally shipping to France, I decided to be strong and wait a little bit before placing an order. You know, restrain and all that.

But when Glossier was 20% off a few weeks back, well I could not not use this amazing opportunity, right?

I had been thinking a lot about what I would buy from Glossier, I even mentioned a few things in my beauty products on my to-buy list, I was ready.

Glossier stretch concealer medium

The Stretch concealer

I’m not one for super heavy coverage, however I do like some things to be covered up. I knew the skin tint would not be for me, I don’t have good enough skin for that, however their concealer definitely appealed to me. Even though I tend to have oily skin, my under-eye tend to get a bit dry and I was looking for something bit more hydrating.

I got this concealer in medium and it’s a perfect match for me. It’s everything the name says: easy to apply, it blends seamlessly and looks like skin whilst still having a medium coverage. It does not crease on me and looks great on top of foundation under the eyes. However, as it’s quite a dewy concealer, I don’t like using it to cover blemishes if I’m wearing foundation as it tends to break the foundation a bit.

Recently as I’ve been out of work and more relaxed, I’ve been loving using it under the eyes and to cover scarring or redness. I love it.

Glossier review on my face 2

Glossier stretch concealer in Medium


Glossier Boy BrowBoy Brow

I had heard so many good things about Boy brow that I was a bit afraid of trying it out to be honest. I was scared it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Oh boy (pun unintended but hey, I’ll keep it) was I wrong. It’s amazing! I don’t have the best brows, they are quite sparse and I always have to fill them in when I do even a very natural makeup look. But this product has changed the game for me. It’s like they create brows, they coat the brows but don’t make them look fake, rather the contrary. They stay put all.day.long and look amazing. Sold!

Glossier review on my face 6

Boy brow in brown


Glossier cloud paint duskCloud Paint

I’m not a huge blush wearer to be honest. I do love them but don’t really buy many but the cloud paint cheek colors seemed very interesting to me and I decided to get one in Dusk.

First of all this color is perfect, the perfect amount of peach/brown nude that looks super natural and looks great on top of bronzer. What I love about this is that you don’t need to use much of it as it’s very pigmented so a little goes a long way. They blend perfectly on the skin and last pretty well. When I do a natural makeup look with the stretch concealer and boy brow, I love putting some of the cloud paint color on my lids as well to tie everything together and get some natural looking color on my eyes.

Glossier review on my face 4

Cloud paint in Dusk


Glossier Generation G lipstickGeneration G lipstick

I was a bit more intrigued and worried about this one. My skin get dry very easily so during winter I often don’t wear anything or something quite hydrating like the Estée Lauder Pure envy lipstick. As they had just changed the formula of these lipsticks, I decided to go for Leo. I do love a nude and I didn’t own any brown lipstick so in my basket it went.

First, the smell is quite bad. It smells very chemically, like very cheap lipstick but it doesn’t last on the lips so at least, that’s that. The formula is very interesting. It’s not a balm but the application feels like a balm but drier if that makes sense. You do need to rub it in quite a bit to get some pigment but it does last well on the lips. I do notice that my lips can get dry whilst wearing this and it does accentuate the dry bits but not too much.

But I really like it. I’m already thinking about which one I’ll get next, any recommendations?

Glossier generation g lipstick in Leo

Full face of Glossier with the Generation G lipstick in Leo

Any favorites from Glossier I should pick up next time?

Glossier review on my face 1

2 réponses à “A review of some Glossier makeup products”

  1. alwayscleia dit :

    I havent tried glossier yet but all the products look great on you! I’m really curious about the boy brow too!

    • Gabrielle Snow dit :

      Thank you! Honestly I’m really blown away by boy brow and it really deserve all the love it’s been getting xx

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