A Few Goals – July

July 2, 2018

Okay I might sound like a broken record but HOW IS IT JULY ALREADY??

2018 has clearly flown by and it’s scaring me a little bit, as if life is running through my fingers and I can see my life pass before my eyes and there’s nothing I can do and oh god soon I’m gonna die *deep breath*.

I only have 4 weeks left of internship before a month “holiday”- read dissertation writing-  and then hopefully start a job *shudders*. I don’t do this every month but I thought that I should set myself a few goals for the month of July as I didn’t for June and I think it can be good to work towards something.


What are one goal you set yourself for July?

9 responses to “A Few Goals – July”

  1. Good luck with everything! Family time is important so I hope you can spend a lot of time with your sister! I know the stress with Instagram numbers is crazy and it’s a problem I deal with too. But as long as you are constantly putting up content eventually the numbers will follow and stick!

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals, and good luck with everything! I know that my anxiety gets worse when I’m not sleeping well too 🙁

  3. Charlotte says:

    Great goals 🙂 xx

    -Charlotte / myownblogothoughts.blogspot.com

  4. 925brands says:

    Keep sharing, stay motivated…

  5. Good luck with your July goals x

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