7 Things I Loved About – October

October 27, 2017

October is already coming to an end, how did this happen? Anyway, a lot of good things happen during this month and in a world of overall negativity, I wanted to share with you 7 good things instead.

7 Things I Loved - October

Shows – 

I am quite difficult when it comes to TV shows. I love different types of shows and I need to feel a connection or to be fond of a character to enjoy it. So how happy was I when I saw that our french M6 channel started a rerun of Desperate Housewives at the beginning of September. Now into October with the start of season 3 (and now end of season 4) I enjoy it even more. It brings back so many memories of my mom and I watching it on Sunday ages ago when it was airing. I still consider this series one of my top favorites ever and love watching it.

I have also been very much enjoying Gilmore Girls this month again. I love the humor of each character and love having it in the background whilst doing some work, taking pictures or cooking. Stars Hollow is becoming my safe place when I just want to relax and be positive.


I have a bit of an issue discovering music. I feel like it’s so vast and deep that I will have a lot of trouble finding music I like, so I usually stick with artists I already know or let my little sister introduce me to new music. But this month, I stuck with well-known ones and listened to Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Lorde’s new albums and loved them.

They all have taken a new turn with their new music while still keeping their own world. I’ve been very much enjoying putting them on my Spotify when I edit photos, do the dishes or clean the apartment. It makes time go faster and I love concentrating on the lyrics and new sounds.


Who doesn’t love Fall really? I mean, everybody is talking about it, in the blogging world but also in “real” life, probably because it’s the season of change, including one of my favorites: leaves changing colors. The sight of orange, red and yellow leaves make me so happy, it brings a lot of color and warmth to the outside and a contrast to the crispier air.


As I’ve said before, this school year has brought a lot of changes but one of my favorites is how true to myself I can be without feeling judged. I don’t know if it’s because it’s an international, open-minded class or if it’s just the people themselves not being judgmental but I really like that. I can be happy, quirky or having a bad day, nobody will mind. It makes life so much more enjoyable not having to put on a mask of fakeness on less good days but instead just let the day roll on and take on what can bring me happiness. My classmates are all so genuinely nice and caring it always makes me feel better to enter the class when I’m having a bad day and seeing them smile and laugh whilst talking and joking.

Down-time –

I’ve noticed how much more free time I have this year. Our weekly timetables are created so that we have more courses at the beginning of term and after a break, and less and less after that so that we have time to assimilate, study and relax. And I’ve seen a change. I’m less tired, have way less anxiety and don’t feel pressured everyday to try to stay “awake” and keep going but instead feel more energized. I’m a happier person overall because the control-freak I am have more time to work on a schedule and do things that need to be done on time.

Life: Blogging –

I’ve also really been enjoying the blogging world more and more. I don’t necessarily have the time to read everything when it’s posted so I make sure to create a link on my “to read” word document and enjoy it later. I feel so good after reading blogposts, I’m more inspired, happy or feel less “alone” reading them. I also love having ideas and creating posts from scratch, thinking everything through and seeing it on my blog afterwards. It makes me feel like I’ve achieved something tangible and people can enjoy it (hopefully) from anywhere in the world and what a good feeling that is.

Fitness: Joining a gym! –

I’ve been wanting to join a gym again for ages. Last year it was impossible because the gym was so far away from where I lived, very expensive, there was no public transports to take me there and I really didn’t have the time. But this year, I can work around my schedule and found one 15-minute away (walking distance) from home and at a reasonable price. I’m going with a friend of mine from my class and already am obsessed.  I haven’t been able to sit down or walk up/down the stairs properly since Monday so I guess it’s pretty good. The classes are so good and I love how strong and energized I feel after.


What have you been enjoying in October?


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