7 Beauty Tips

April 29, 2018

I don’t think of myself as a high maintenance person. I just like to take care of myself because it makes me feel good about myself and it’s part of my self-care routine.

I love everything beauty related and discovering tips and tricks to save me some time and to be more efficient in my beauty routine.

Here are a few tips I’ve realized I haven’t shared with you.

Number 1 is a bit of an obvious one but I’ve found that not everybody does it: wash your hands before doing your skincare or makeup or even just touching your face. If your hands are dirty, you will put all these bacteria on your face not matter how good your skincare products are.

Number 2, use coconut oil as a mask. I love to use it right after I’ve taken off my makeup so that it dissolves any remains of product if they are and to plump up my skin. I then rinse it off with a second cleanse in the shower – making sure to use lukewarm or cold water.

Number 3, use coconut oil for everything. Well, a lot of things anyways. Coconut oil is really good  at moisturizing whether it’s your face, your hair, your hands, your body or your feet, slather that baby one and you’ll later look like one. It has anti aging properties,  it’s great at removing makeup, it acts as a antibacterial shield, it protects from sunburn (well only SPF 4) but still, it can reduce face wrinkles, it soothes chapped lips and it’s totally natural product. 

Number 4 is a time – and lash – saver. Rub gently some water on your lashes before going in with a makeup remover (if you are not using a waterproof mascara of course). It will help dissolve the mascara so that you will look like a cute panda before wiping it off with a cotton pad and your makeup remover. And, it will save some lashes from the horrible rubbing of the pad.

Number 5. If you use dry shampoo, make sure to apply it before doing your skincare routine. I had noticed that I would always get some tiny pimples whenever I would use dry shampoo because the spray would have left some residue along the hairline and forehead which would stay there for the entire day and my skin would react to it. Now I use it first thing in the morning then I do my skincare making sure to cleanse the face until the hairline and then I let it sit until I do my hair and I’m good to go.

Number 6, dry lips are never cute but irritated lips are terrible too. If, like me, you have lips that tend to have a lot of dry bits that you’d love to smooth down here’s my tip. Put some lip balm on, wait for the skin to soften up thanks to the moisture and then you’ll be able to gently pull on the dead skin. Your lips will end up looking plump on smooth.

Finally number 7 I had heard about by a Youtuber and then the infamous Kylie Jenner: use a damp beauty sponge to apply your setting powder. The dampness will help the product to stick to your face and make it look seamless onto the skin. It works fantastically. 


What are your beauty tips and tricks?

5 responses to “7 Beauty Tips”

  1. So many great tips, most of these I have never heard of so I will certainly be trying them out X

  2. Great tips!! Would love to try a coconut oil mask 🙂 Sounds lovely!

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