6 Reasons to Start a Blog

April 1, 2018

For a few years now, blogging has known quite a boom. The blogosphere is now bigger that ever with blogging becoming a full-income job for some, and a side-earner or hobby for others.

I created my blog 2 years and a half ago but only started blogging regularly in June 2017 with at least one post a week, and found my 3 times a week tempo from September (with the occasional 2 times when College had to come first).

This little blog has changed my life so much and I think it has also helped me to evolve as a person and to shape my career. I love it and even though, as for anything, it can be tough sometimes and I do tend to put a bit of pressure on myself, I always feel a sense of accomplishment after hitting the “schedule” button. If yourself, you are pondering the idea of starting a blog or are a blogger and need a little pick me up, here are 7 reasons to start a blog.

To Have a space of your own

As any child, even having a room of your own still meant that your parents, or siblings if you shared it, had some say into it. Cleaning, putting clothes away, decoration, it wasn’t a space of your own, but a space for you. When you have a blog, you are the creator of it and the one who will shape it and create the content. You have entire control on it. It’s so nice to have a place, even intangible, where you can do whatever you want.

To Share your passions

For me, blogging really started because I didn’t have anyone to really share my love for beauty products with, nor did I have close friends I could share lifestyle thoughts with. When I discovered blogs, I entered a whole new world where I could learn about beauty from real people and loved it. It felt like reading an amazing article written by someone I could see in my head and know they shared their genuine opinion.

Creating this blog, I finally had a place to talk about beauty and lifestyle fully. I could discuss anything and any product online when I hadn’t someone to share it with in real life. It feels really good to be able to share my passion and my creative minds with people who share my interests.

Skill Developper

A blog is incredible in the sense that you can develop a ton of skills. From designing the blog, to the writing, photography-taking, doing the marketing and communication for it, the management skills, modeling for fashion content, graphs, admin work and PR for those working with brands. And the more you do it, the more you learn and get a real  experience of various jobs.


Giving yourself this creativity outlet helps to get a clearer idea of who you are as a person. You get to know more about what you like, what you are good at, how you do things, get feedback from readers, … My blog has allowed me to understand more what really drives me and interests me. I feel more confident as well, having this space where I manage everything from A-Z, from “adding” to “publishing”. It does feel like a serious hobby for me and I’ve learnt so much from it.

The Interaction

One of my favorite things is going to my stats and looking at where my readers come from. It always amazes me to look at the map and see that they come from so many countries from the four corners of the world. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to share on such a large scale and get feedback from these people, when in real life, you could never have done so. It blows my mind.

Reading Comments

Reading comments is always one of my favorite part of putting out content. I love reading what people think about a product or a thought, their own views and experiences, what they can advise me to do or test out and just even receiving some feedback on the post itself makes my day. It’s such a reward when someone has read something you have spent hours creating and tells you they loved it. I always feel so proud and content that I could have made someone happy for a few minutes.


What do you think about blogging?


4 responses to “6 Reasons to Start a Blog”

  1. mychaoticbrain says:

    Blogging is certainly more work than I ever imagined, but the joy it brings through the people I meet far outweighs the writer’s block days and all of the analytics. I love that I can write about things that ignite my passion and ultimately my soul. At the end of the day, that’s what it is all about for me. To have others along for the ride simply makes the journey sweeter.

  2. After dealing with post natal depression, I started blogging last year as a way to give me something to focus on, something just for me and a way to explore things that make me happy. It is my little space. I don’t have a lot of followers which is fine because that’s not why I started it. I don’t keep things too rigid so I don’t feel pressure. I guess everyone has their own reasons for blogging. X

    • That’s what is great about blogging it’s just your little corner and you just do what you want with it, followers are just a bonus really. Have a great blogging journey! xx

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