6 Concentration Tips to Be More Productive When You Need to Get Work Done

November 18, 2017

Concentration Tips for A More Efficient Work TimeI have been a College student for now 6 years and a regular blogger for about 8 months or so and let me just say, concentration is sometimes a big issue. Tiredness, distraction, an overthinking mind or a cute pet can definitely mess up your work time.

Though I have no tip for a cute pet, I think it’s pretty impossible to resist them, I have found a few things that work for me when I know I need to get some work done and be productive.

Work at a specific spot.

I know that for me, I am way more productive working at my desk during the day. It feels more serious and the position of sitting helps me concentrate. However, I know that if I work on my blog in the evening, I will work well on the couch. I guess it’s just because I’m used to working like that at each moment. I can also study on the couch for a little bit if I need to eat breakfast late but will eventually move to my desk after brekkie. Try to find a space that rimes with concentration and work for you.

Music for Studying.

I need something to cancel out the noise of the building. Hearing people in the staircase, my neighbors leaving/coming home, or loud noises breaks my concentration. So I either use the “Relax melodies” app and select the noises I want to listen to (usually rain, ocean, thunder and storm) or I look for a music for studying on Youtube. They usually last for up 3 hours so you can find one for a long time. This one is my favorite and I know that when I’m listening to that I am on “get sh** done girl” mode.

Put Your Phone on silent and turn off the Internet.

What is more distracting that Twitter and Instagram notifications? Seeing them pop up on my screen every 2 seconds definitely doesn’t help me concentrate but rather make some want to read them and look at the photos and next think I know I am deep down in the Internet vortex. So now, I turn off my wifi and if it’s not already done, though it usually is, I put my phone on silent. And boy does that help.


Get something to drink.

Whether you are going to study or work for a couple hours or for a few, do get something to drink. Dehydration is definitely a big issue and can have bad repercussions on how well you work. It will make you feel tired, dizzy, give you headaches and you will find it hard to concentrate. Whether it’s water, a good juice, a smoothie or a tea/herbal tea, or even coffee it doesn’t make you jittery and anxious, get something to bring on your area of study and make sure to keep drinking.

Take Breaks Often.

Some say you can only stay focused for 50 minutes but I think it’s pretty personal. Some have a very low focusing time and some can stay focused for 3 hours before getting delusional. Try to evaluate after how much time generally you are unfocusing and make sure to take at least a 15 minutes break. Whether it’s reading a bit, getting outside, getting a snack, petting this cute pet who keeps looking at you with puppy eyes and nudging your arm to pet them (yes, I am looking at you Happy), do something who will help your mind to relax.

Get Comfy.

Personally, I cannot wear jeans when I’m at home. I take them off and put some comfy bottoms as soon as I get home and don’t put them back on until I have to leave. I need to be comfy in my own home or I cannot concentrate. You will often find me in my pajama bottoms or gym pants and these days, with my dressing gown on because it’s getting old in here. However comfy I’m dressed, I don’t set myself in a comfortable areas. For example, working on my bed is very much a no-no as my brain associates it with sleep. But again try to find in which gear you feel most productive. I usually still have a proper top on and even a bra if I’m feeling crazy.


What are your concentration tips? When and where do you feel your most productive?

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