5 Tips on How To Survive a New Situation

April 18, 2018

A first date, first day of school/College, of work, of an internship are meeting new people can be quite daunting.

I am not one to enjoy a new situation. I don’t like not knowing my surroundings, the people I’ll be with and how a situation will unfold. It makes my anxiety rise up and I feel very uncomfortable and awkward. 

As I do suffer from anxiety, I have come up with little things over the years to keep it at check and still be able to function or at least appear, like a normal person without fearing a high level of anxiety or even a panic attack.

These advices can be applied to any situation: a first day of school/college, a first date (haven’t ever had one to be honest but I’m sure it still works), a first day of work or internship, meeting someone for the first time etc 

Comfort all the way

It can be tempting to try to do something new for this new situation, to innovate. I think the best thing to do is still to be comfortable in the sense that you know that what you will wear, your makeup look and the way you’ll do your hair is something that works for you.

Wear something cute but comfortable, clothing that will survive your possibly sweaty armpits, won’t be see-through and will fit you right. Makeup wise, I advise you to go with a simple, natural looking makeup look or at least a look you are comfortable with. Don’t try something new but go for a look that enhances your features and natural beauty. 


This is not necessarily what comes first in mind but it helps so much. I always have trouble breathing when I’m anxious or stressed and it really has an impact on the rest of my body, my thoughts and actions. Make sure to take deep breaths in and breathe out slowly. Try to keep it in check and breath with your stomach and not your chest, it has more effect. You will feel calmer, less agitated, it will help you think straight and feel better.

Good Night of Sleep and/or Good Workout 

If I don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep I just cannot function normally in whatever situation. So when I have a big day coming, I know that it’s important that I feel rested so that I don’t feel like a walking zombie and can do my best. If you know you will have trouble sleeping, like me, make sure to get it a good workout the day before so that you feel more relaxed and more tired. It will also get those endorphins going and help you loosen up.

Play out the Day in your Head

For me, the worst about new situations is the novelty of it all. I like to get to know as much as I can about my surroundings so that I can picture how everything could unfold in my head. I like doing that because then, I get the impression that I’ve already “been” in this situation before and so it doesn’t feel to new and I feel more comfortable. Of course, make sure to keep in mind that everything won’t happen exactly how you have envisioned it and leave room for surprise, but it does help.

Be there early

I am always on time so for me, it’s not too hard but I know that for some people, it does mean a little bit of planning ahead. Add up how much time you need to get ready, eat if necessary and the time of transportation and add 20 extra minutes (depending on how far you live from the meeting point and your mean of transportation of course, it will vary) to allow room for mishaps – train/bus/tram late, problem with your car, traffic, etc – so you don’t feel too stressed if something comes up. 

What are your tips for feeling comfortable un a new situation? 

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