5 Things To Do When You Are in a Funk

December 13, 2017

What To Do When You Are in a Funk

Truth be told, I haven’t been really myself in the past few weeks.

Between studying all the time, working for group presentations, going to the gym anytime we had a “free” moment, being constantly tired physically and mentally, I felt like I had no energy for anything. I wasn’t inspired regarding my blog – which is in itself very strange and unlike me – my future career, my internship in the spring, life after College or anything really. I was moody and couldn’t figure out what to do to make it all go away.

As much as it took life to slow down a bit for this feeling to really go away, I found a few tips and tricks to alleviate this funky mindset.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

It’s so easy when you are not feeling your best to make unhealthy decisions. Carbs and hearty meals always feel more appealing that vegetables and healthy fat and protein when one is not feeling good. However, it can just make it worse: you will feel even more lethargic, you won’t have energy and how you eat often affects how you feel and will only make you feel bad about your appearance as well.

Working out is also a great activity to get these bad thoughts out of your mind at least for the length of a training session – but we all know it also has benefits on the long term. I know that for me, no matter how low I feel and don’t want to go to the gym, I never regret going. Ever and always feels better afterwards.

Get Your Sleep On

Sleep is on an everyday basis so important but even more when you are out of it. Often, we don’t feel good because we are not rested. Trying to go to bed early and get at least 8 hours of sleep, taking naps whenever you can and just trying to take breaks will help to lift up your mood and energize you.

Get Out of Your Routine

I  know that when I am stuck in a routine or a familiar environment, I will have a hard time taking a step back and relaxing. Going on a walk whether it’s in a park or in the mountains can help you destress, breathing the fresh air and seeing nature has proven benefits on moods. But it can also be to go have meal with friends, go to the cinema and do something that you don’t usually do.

Do something that you love

Whether it’s watching a movie, a TV show, catching up on Youtube videos or reading a book, I know that these activities will help me relax and feel better. I think it’s important that it is something that you choose to do and do feel like you have to do/ feels like work. It has to be something fun, a moment just for you and your own leisure time.

Watch something funny/cute

When I was not feeling good last week, I came across pet twitter accounts. They featured animals just being cute and funny and I smiled and laughed so much. I am an animal lover and seeing them just being their natural cute and playful selves acted as a medicine. To only mention a few @AMAZINGNATURE, @cutiesoverload and @BabyAnimalPics are awesome and will make your heart melt. Beware. But honestly, if you have a pet, just cuddle them, it’s even better.

Watching a funny TV show also does the trick for me. Modern Family has been my favorite think to watch for breakfast and lunch whenever I have time in the morning and eat at home for lunch. It’s also nice to see the tribulations in another person’t life to be honest.

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?


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