5 things on my Spring to-do list

February 27, 2019

I know spring is not there until March 20th but I already have plans for this new season. I already cannot wait to witness flowers blossoming, birds singing away and the days getting longer and longer. Bring it on!

It might be a bit too soon but I’ve already created somewhat of a to-do list. A “things I would love to do” / “what I’m aiming for” in the next few months, if you will.


N°1: Visit E. in Paris

One of my best friends has abandoned me a couple years ago to go live full time in Paris. Yes, Estelle, I’m looking at you. I mean, the girl is absolutely brilliant and amazing so of course she would get an amazing job in the capital and live the Parisian life. But still, I miss her daily. B. and I had been meaning to go visit her and her boyfriend for so long, but let’s just say life and unexpected events got in the way and we had to push it a bit.

But it’s time, I can’t wait to see her and my boyfriend and I are trying to see how and when we could fit a little visit to Paris… I think Paris in the spring is also quite amazing with the bright blue sky (if we’re lucky), the gorgeous architecture and the perfect temperature to visit and walk around a bit.


N°2: Do more yoga

I’ve been feeling way too anxious for my liking lately and that needs to change quickly. Workouts still help of course, but there is something special about a yoga routine. I think it’s the breathing that really helps me to relax and be more aware of my body. I sit taller, breath deeper and more rhythmically. It really helps to loosen up my muscles as well, especially my neck and shoulders’ which have been killing me as of late so on the list yoga goes!

N°3: Body image

Sigh. The pain of my existence: body image. Just under 15 minutes ago I was watching myself in my underwear in the mirror and hating on every single part of my body. Despite the fact I had just done an hour and 15 min workout, including 45 min on the treadmill whilst singing my heart out to Mamma Mia, I still couldn’t see the beauty in my body. But it’s really taking a toll on my life and that needs to stop. I struggle a bit to take outfit photos ore just photos of me because I can’t stop thinking “careful of your angles, Gaby, or you’ll look fat” or “you can’t do this post, it’ll make your arms/legs/stomach look big”. I really want to make an effort in being more positive in how I speak to myself and stop hating on my body. It’d be good preparation for , gulp, being in a bikini in 4 months.


Snapseed 3N°4: More photos

A direct link to the point mentioned before is that I want to post more photos of me. It definitely performs better, the difference is actually very noticeable, and I love them. I enjoy the process of choosing an outfit and wandering around or deciding on a location to shoot it best. My sister has an eye for taking perfect shots and making me laugh when needed (proof here and here) which always end up in me adoring the shots. And that’s something special to me, to actually like a photo of myself. So I want to do more of that, more of something I really like.


N°5: Improvement my social media and blogging content

I really want to get out of my comfort zone more in terms of content, and follow a few new passions that have spurt lately. Working full time prevents me from creating the kind of content I wish to create, something that has frustrated me a lot in the past couple weeks. I feel like I’m stagnating both on Instagram and on my blog. And for me, this means my content is not so great. In the next few months, with more light hours I’ll do my best to create more diverse content about things I’ve found more and more interest in in the past couple years. Hopefully, you all will be on board!


What are your plans for Spring? Travels? Goals? Wishes? 

3 responses to “5 things on my Spring to-do list”

  1. Souhaila says:

    Paris trip sounds amazing, I hope you get to achieve your goals lovely x

  2. Kashia says:

    I also want to do more yoga, especially outdoors! I can’t wait for spring ?

    • Gabrielle Snow says:

      I’m absolutely loving yoga at the moment, it’s making such a difference in my mood! I have never tried doing yoga outdoors but I’ll definitely try. Come one spring, we have so much in store for you! xx

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