5 Things I want to do in the run-up to Christmas

December 10, 2018

I’m not going to lie, this year, I haven’t felt very festive so far.I know, how dare I.

Every year, as soon as October hits I’m over the moon for the autumnal season and as soon as Halloween is over, all I can think about is – Christmas is coming. I love the festive vibes, the decoration, how happy everyone is, the Christmas markets and shopping for presents. Probably due to some personal life matters, our family hasn’t been very into the end of the year celebrations, unfortunately. I also started my new job at the beginning of November and the new routine of work, blogging and going to the gym and back and forth to my parents have not helped me to get the dates right in my head. Yep, we are in December Gabrielle.

But I am very determined to change that.

There are 2 weeks until the most festive day of the year and let me tell you, it’s about to get Christmas-y in the Snow’s household.

On my getting-into-the-Christmas-spirit list:

Bake Christmas cookies

My sister and I love to bake, especially during the winter months. I’ve just bought festive cookie cutters and I am very excited to bake with my little sister. What a good way to get into the holiday spirit than to bake with Christmas songs on, huh?


Speaking of Christmas songs…

My work’s Christmas party has been in preparation pretty much ever since I started in early November and after a little research of songs to add to the playlist, everyone was a bit sick of people – hum hum, me – singing Christmas songs in the hallways on my way to and back from making tea and I guess after that I denied myself a bit of festive songs for some reason. But I’ve made a playlist, and I will sing my heart out on Santa baby.


Presents buying

Even though my sister and I started buying Christmas presents at the end of October – yeah, we’re a very prepared pair – there are still a few bits I want to get for my mom and my sister especially. I’m trying to get most things online as I’ll have no time to go shopping in store from now on but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Right…?


Take more time for myself

This time of year can be quite stressful with all the present buying, the Christmas parties, the markets, the preparation… that I often get a bit overwhelmed by it all. Additionally to having started a new job, I’m going to the gym 3 times a week, blogging in the evenings and weekend and planning my Instagram content every morning. I’ve found myself a bit run down physically (picture me with a raging headache yesterday making me believe I had a temperature when actually I was just exhausted)  and emotionally (now picture me crying unexpectedly on a Wednesday night in my oversized pajama sweatshirt) and I think I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself to do everything. I’m going to try to be more productive so that I can keep myself some time to actually relax, enjoy a Christmas film with a herbal tea).


Catch up on some movie watching

As a massive Mamma mia and Abba fan, I am very utterly ashamed to say that I still haven’t seen Mamma Mia 2 Here we go again. It didn’t come out in English in the theatre of the little town where my parents live and I could not bring myself to watch it without them in original version in Grenoble. But now that it has come out in DVD… I’m going to be a massive dancing singing queen rocking all the Abba song… as soon as we do order the DVD. Mom…?

I also still haven’t seen The Greatest Showman. Same story but without the family context. I really wanted to really take the time to watch it and focus on it and for some reason never got around to watching it. It’s at the top of my list. There are also so many Christmas movies that Netflix released recently (and last year) that I haven’t seen so I’m going to get onto that.

Any recommendations?

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  1. You will love Mamma Mia 2 and The Greatest Showman, such great films!! Xx

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