5 Things I Do To Feel Energized & Inspired

February 28, 2018

As a blogger, it’s not unusual to feel like the juices are not flowing from time to time. We right so much content that it can be hard to feel inspired all the time. For me, it comes in flashes and I do my best to use in on the spot to right down ideas and a few guidelines of what I want to write about.

But sometimes I can’t wait for inspiration to knock on my door. I’ve been finding it difficult, especially since November/December time if I’m honest. I have so many group works and reports (I’ve had 10 of them so far, without counting exams) that finding the time to blog is hard. And, because group works are quite time-consuming and mentally draining, when I sit down to write, my mind is swirling with words from different other projects and I find it hard to concentrate. Other times, it’s just because I just want to sleep and relax and my brain just won’t start.

Since it’s been a while now that it has been happening, I’ve come up with a few things I like to do when I need the juices to flow.

  1. Listening to music

Who is unreceptive to music, honestly? It is so powerful and can affect your emotions so quickly. So when I go to school, get ready and feel sleepy and have a hard time waking up, I pop on my headphones and put an upbeat playlist on and wait for the juices to wake up.

2. Podcasts

I’ve been obsessed with podcasts lately. A few weeks ago, I started listening to podcasts whilst cooking and eating breakfast and I love it. I like listening to people talk about different subject and their career, it really inspires me to keep on going and it’s such a good way to start the day being more positive and to work towards my goals.

3. Get Online

You know someone is talented when you catch up with their content and you can feel your grey matter bubbling with enthusiasm and start getting tons of ideas. That’s why I like to turn to my favorite bloggers and youtubers when I need a little kick of inspiration.  I’ll catch up or go back to some of their old content and will pretty much always get a ton of inspiration or just feel much better. Whatever and whoever inspires you and makes you feel better, go check it out.

4. Turn Your Brain Off

On the contrary, sometimes it’s as if my brain is so full that my thoughts are bouncing up and I can’t focus. That’s actually what happened to me yesterday afternoon, I was thinking about two group projects at the same time as trying to study for an exam, think about our apartment search and my upcoming internship. When I realized I could not stay focused for more than a minute, I went on the couch and lied down, closed my eyes and thought “okay, now work everything out so you can get a clear mind”. I stayed there for 20 minutes, just thinking, letting my mind wander and ended up with a little bit of meditation and good thoughts before going back to my desk and studying for nearly 3 hours.

5. Just Sweat it Out

Sometimes, all you need to do is get your heart pumping so that your mind can get clearer. I always love going to the gym in the morning so that I can sweat out whatever is bugging me or stressing me out, it also helps me to feel energized. If I’m not doing a class, then, usually when I’m on the treadmill, I like to let my mind wander and see where it takes me. Often, I will get some ideas about different things, especially blogpost ideas (and quickly right them down on my phone) and figure some things out that are preventing me from moving forward. So then when I have to be productive, I feel all clear and focused. If you don’t go to the gym, try a home session,  take a walk or ride your bike or anything that increases your heart rate.

3 responses to “5 Things I Do To Feel Energized & Inspired”

  1. Gabrielle, you have such great content. Have you thought about creating your own channels…YouTube and/or Podcast? Just a thought.

    • Oh thank you so much! I’ve been thinking about a YouTube channel for a while now but I think I should wait until my Master’s degree is finished so I could have time to create content there too, as life is very busy at the moment.

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