5 Things About Blogging – What I Love & What I’ve Learned

July 30, 2017

Hello beautiful!

I haven’t been blogging for long – though technically I created my blog a year and a half ago – because I think I really got into it only about 6 months ago. Blogging is not as easy or explicit as it seems, it also involves more than just writing for sure. I think I have found my way and wanted to share with you a bit of what I have learned about blogging, and what I thoroughly love about it.


1 – The Creative Side

I absolutely love the creative aspects of blogging. Whether it’s the topic of the post (because even ‘beauty’ or ‘makeup’ has a deeper aspect to it), the photo taking or the writing I love the process of them, how you have to think about each part to create something you are proud of and delighted to share online with other passionate people. I still need to work on my photography as it is not as good as I wish it was, but hey, improvement is good, it means you have something to work towards.

2 – The Community

I have found it hard at first to engage on blogs and Bloglovin’. For some reason, I was too shy to comment or respond to another comment on someone’s blog because I felt worthless. It didn’t seem to me that I would be adding any value because I felt irrelevant. But when people started commenting on my blog and on my social media and I totally understood why I should do the same. It makes me feel so happy when someone takes time to comment on a post or on my social media and it is very rewarding to know that someone has liked something I have spent time to work. So I started to share my love of other people’s work as well, and boy do I love it. I’ve always been one to be more inclined to stress someone’s achievements rather than their failures because failures happen but don’t and shouldn’t define you. It honestly makes me feel so happy to read a post and to forget about anything else whilst enjoying it and the photography that I feel the need to express my appreciation of their work. I now think that engaging is so important and actually makes me feel super happy.


3 – Turn to Others for Inspiration

Even though I love blogging, I don’t always feel inspired. I sometimes don’t know what to write about, how to take my photos, and I can feel like my blog is not good enough, that I don’t have enough subscribers to feel relevant… When that happens, I like to turn to WordPress’ Reader or to Bloglovin’ and just have a nice read of other blogger’s work. I just enjoy everything and it usually never fails to motivate me to do better by working on my content, taking better pictures, being more active on social media (I’m working on that…) and just reminding me why I love blogging in the first place.

4 – Numbers Are Just Numbers

As I’ve just mentioned, sometimes numbers can bother me. It’s stupid, really, but I feel like sometimes the number of subscribers you have reflect how good a blogger you are (which is crazy). And sometimes, it can be true because it means that you are doing a great job / or that you are not involved enough. But other times, I will come across incredible blogs that don’t have that many subscribers so in the end, it doesn’t really matter as long as I like my content and that I am proud of what I am creating and same goes for any other blogger. Now I just want whoever reads my posts to just enjoy it, even if they don’t like, comment or subscribe.


5 – Blogging is work

A lot of people believe that you just have to write for like 15min and take a cute pictures and that’s it. Well, no. It actually takes a lot of time to think about what you want to write about, plan everything, write a quality content and take pictures are both beautiful and that promote your topic. Then you have to select the ones you want to use, edit (a little) them, get them on the blog, make some research if needed, read proof everything, add tags, categories, share them, respond to comments, think about next posts’ content, etc… It take literally hours if not days to create a post from start to finish and to promote it.       I am still working on the promoting part tbh. I creating an Instagram for my blog and now I am working on being more active on Twitter. I love finding an amazing blogger and be able to follow them on both these platforms and be able to communicate with them there even if it’s just by liking.


If you are a blogger yourself what blogging has taught you and/or what are your favorite parts about it? If you are not, what do you love about reading someone’s blog?

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I still feel very new to the blogging world and still have a ton to learn to improve my blog but I felt like I wanted to express myself on the topic.

Have an amazing day (or night!),

xx Gaby



6 responses to “5 Things About Blogging – What I Love & What I’ve Learned”

  1. I love your writing style and I love this post. I also didn’t realize how much work it took to run a blog and multiple social media accounts successfully. It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it! Great post ❤️

    Pearl || http://thepearlylife.wordpress.com

    • Thank you so so much this means a lot ☺️. It’s very time consuming indeed to manage to be active on social media and to do a good job blog-wise!
      It definitely is!! Thank youu ❤

  2. Brynn says:

    I felt the same way about leaving comments and joining social media, I just felt like I was too shy to get involved in the blogging community. I’m so happy I did though as it’s been so much fun. I’ve also had the same thoughts about numbers, as blogging is so time consuming and it’s nice to see people interacting with what you are writing. but I feel like recently I’ve come to care a lot less about those as I’ve just been enjoying writing posts so much. Lovely post! xx Brynn


    • I’m relieved that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way about engaging and numbers 😅!
      I think it’s definitely more important to write content you enjoy than caring about numbers too!
      Thank you very much Brynn 😘xxx

  3. Velvet Blush says:

    For me, as someone who buys way too many beauty products I love writing about something that I really like, or just sharing my thoughts in terms of products. I really like seeing what other people are talking about on their blogs, and getting to know them. It is definitely a lot of work to constantly be on top of everything, but it’s worth it x

    Velvet Blush

    • I really like this kind of blogging about one’s opinion on a beauty product I think it’s really informative & I also love the getting to know part!
      It definitely is a lot of work but it feels very rewarding as well indeed!! Thank you for sharing ☺️ xxx

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