The 5 Makeup Products I Reach For The Most

décembre 8, 2017


I’ve been quite boring with makeup lately. I am so overwhelmed with College work, I need to rush places all the time and I am so tired, that when it comes to putting makeup on, I don’t want to fuss these days. I stick to the products in my makeup bag, meaning they’ve pretty much been the same for at least a month now. They do the job, are long-lasting and I know that when I use them I will end up looking like I slept and rested ay more than I actually did.

The Dior Forever foundation has been a staple for quite a few weeks now. I love how amazing the coverage is even though the formula is so thin and the color matches my skin very well. It is very long-lasting and is a perfect base for makeup product, I’ve never had an issue with other face products looking bad on top.

NYX is such a good brand. Everytime I pick up products from them, I am amazed at how good and affordable they are (see my NYX post here). So it wasn’t a surprise when the Tame and frame Brow pommade became my favorite brow product. The color is perfect, it helps to shape, define, fill in the brow whilst looking natural. It also helps to keep the brows in place so I no longer need a brow gel or check all day long that my brows are not looking messy – taking scarves off is pretty much a brow nightmare.

My love for Tarte Cosmetics has not faded. I love what the brand stands for and how good their products are. To be honest, ever since I got the Amazonian Clay Blush, it’s pretty much the only blush I’ve been wearing (see my Tarte haul here). The color risqué is very natural-looking, the formula is easy to blend and long-lasting and it is the perfect amount of pigmentation so that you don’t have to use a light hand nor keep layering.

Staying in the Tarte department, the Don’t Quit Your Daydream palette has been a favorite fo mine lately. The colors are beautiful, I can create different makeup looks just using this, it lasts very well, doesn’t crease, smells incredible, has a huge mirror and the packaging has a really nice feeling to it and is very easy to travel with. Now I really want to get my hands on the Tartelette in bloom and the Toasted palettes…

Last but not least is a product I have not stopped using in nearly a year. The Kiko Volume mascara is so good, I haven’t used any other mascara since last February when I bought it. It makes my lashes look so good, holds a curl so well and doesn’t smudge under the eyes. And, it lasts ages, even whilst working out. I have a backup, but this is my first tube, and bare in mind I’ve been using it everytime I wear makeup. I can tell it’s now drying a bit and I need to put the brush back in once when applying my mascara, but it is still going strong.


What have been your beauty staples lately?


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  1. So many great products, I am in need of a new mascara so I will have to check out the Kiko one. Xx

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