30 Hours in Paris | Photo Diary

September 9, 2019

When my sister and I bought ticket for Ariana Grande’s concert back in December, we knew we’d have the pleasure of staying two days in Paris. It ended up appealing to my mom so much that she decided to come with us and brought her friend so they could visit the Louvre whilst we were having the time of our lives with Ari – yeah, we’re basically bff now. In my head.

I hadn’t been to Paris to visit for years so I was pretty excited to go. I was actually born in Paris (here is a post where I talk a little bit more about me) but we moved to the south-east of France when I was nearly 5 years old so I don’t remember living there. My best friend lives there so it has a different connotation for me now. Now being an adult (being 25 now, I should probably start calling myself an adult indeed…) I appreciate this city more. Before, it used to fill me with anxiety. So many people, such a large city and such unknown areas… it felt uncomfortable.

But now, I have a new appreciation for it. It’s such a beautiful city, filled with opportunities, options, a large selection of things to do, to see, areas to explore, museums to get lost in the beauty of art, restaurants to discover new tastes, …

It still feels a little bit scary for someone who doesn’t like crowds and especially crowded confined spaces (the subway still doesn’t feel great when it’s packed…) but overall, this trip really showed me that with me growing up, my views changed.

There, I felt incredibly motivated to create. I had ideas running miles an hour in my head. I saw shooting places that would create gorgeous content, I had a ton of video ideas, blogposts drafts were writing themselves in my head. I left realizing that I loved the energy of a bigger city. I felt the same way in London last year. I am over the moon excited with our trip to NYC next spring. It doesn’t make me forget the downsides of a big city, but they do feel more “comfortable”.

I thought a little photo diary would speak louder than words. Paris was so beautiful that no words could portray well enough what we saw. So here it is, 30 hours in Paris, photographed.


I am in love with Montmartre. I had seen a documentary on the TV, a few months ago about the district of Montmartre and it was exactly how locals described it: a little neighborhood that felt outside of the big city. Incredibly cute, beautiful coffee shops and stores, quiet, intimate with everyone knowing everyone. You don’t realize you are in a capital city.


1er Arrondissement – Pont the La Condorde  & the Musée d’Orsay

Now that was Paris. The incredible architecture, the huge roundabouts, the feeling of being transported in another era.


8ème Arrondissement – Pont Alexandre III, Pont de l’Alma and view of the Tour Eiffel

How can such a pretty bridge exist?



4ème arrondissement – Le Marais

Le Marais is such an iconic neighborhood. As with Montmartre, it felt like a little neighborhood outside of the hustle of the city. It was beautiful, quiet and cozy.

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