3 New Things – Life Update

septembre 29, 2017

As a student, I feel like September is as important as January 1st in terms of novelty. New grade, new people, new timetable, new teachers, sometimes new city as well… So many things to get used to.

This year is no exception…


Starting my Second Year of Master’s degree

After already 5 years of College, this one will be my last. It feels so weird to actually say that, it still feels like I have more years to go… Knowing that in a year I will be in the job market is quite scary to be honest. I am so used to being a student that knowing that I won’t be taught things hourly every day feels somehow… wrong. I was thinking about it in class this morning and though it is tiring and being a student isn’t easy, I really enjoy learning so I’ll try to really make the most of this year.

Moving in a New apartment and a New(ish) City

I am not really good with novelty to be honest. I need to know things in details before going somewhere new like checking the maps and the routes I’ll take and stuff, same for an apartment, I need to imagine myself living in it for a while so that it’ll feel more familiar once I’ll move there. It was the same for this one. We actually visited two apartments, this one being the first and somehow, I could feel this was the one. And I was right. I really really like this apartment, it’s ways smaller that the ones we had before but it feels cozy (though we have therefore half the storage place we had…) and I feel comfortable with me which usually takes me weeks if not months.

I already lived in Grenoble three years ago but it actually was a really awful difficult year so I was a bit anxious I would feel bad here. And actually, it’s definitely the opposite.  I feel comfortable taking the tramway on my own and spending hours alone in town window-shopping – or actually shopping, oops – and almost don’t feel anxious at all which is absolutely awesome. I even go running on my own! It feels so nice to be able to actually go outside without feeling like I need someone to go with me.

Studying among international students

I have always been drawn to the international environment. I love languages and meeting people from all over the world, I think it’s so enriching and interesting to exchange about our countries, our habits, culture, way of living… So when I got accepted in this Master’s degree (International Manager) which entirely taught in English it meant I would be studying amongst a class of people coming from all over the world. And it’s true! I have people coming from China, Japan, Taiwan, Palestine, Serbia, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Morocco… to only mention a few.

It’s my first week back and I am already absolutely loving the students, the ambiance and the classes. I enjoy speaking and studying in English everyday so much. It feels so natural and I actually feel more like myself in a way – is that weird? I am so excited for this year to come and already sad it will only last a year. But I am planning on making sure to appreciate everyday and make the most of this experience.


What new experience have you had recently/ life update?

xx Gaby

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3 réponses à “3 New Things – Life Update”

  1. brynnieblogs dit :

    I am having a similar experience as I have just started college and things are very new for me right now. I’m not the best with new things or new places and it’s been pretty crazy getting adjusted. I’m so happy you are feeling good in your apartment already though and that international experience sounds amazing!! xx Brynn


    • gabriellesnow dit :

      You will feel much better and more comfortable in a few weeks I can assure you. It always takes me a bit of time to get adjusted and I am sure it’ll be okay for you as well after a few weeks!
      Thank you lovely ☺️, it is really incredibly amazing!! xxx

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