Living in the moment in the era of social media and Internet

(the problem with social media -> not living in the moment, always planning ahead, wanting more / enjoying the little things of everyday : good shower/bath, good cup of coffee/tea, cute puppy, good manners of everyday, stop staring at their phone all the time and live)

After receiving the amazing news on Friday that I got the job I interviewed for (the same day!), I felt a rush of relief. After months of being stressed, never being able to plan ahead, searching for jobs and looking at my bank account on the verge of crying every time, I finally was able to exhale. It was good that it was a weekend that I was visiting my parents (and actually spending the week there for family reasons) because going back to the family house always helps me to really destress. I guess it’s because it’s a different environment from my working one, but I always feel better there. I sleep really well, I can relax and it’s easier for me to stop overthinking.


I realized over the weekend that I was really able to relax because I wasn’t on my phone all the time. I read a lot and wasn’t picking up my phone every 5 seconds. One of the biggest issues I have – that I’m trying to work on – is that I spend too much time online. I’m always on my phone, whilst watching Netflix, Youtube, when I’m in the car, in the tram, when I take a break, … If I have a few minutes, I’ll scroll Instagram, read tweets, listen to music or listen to a podcast.

I have a hard time being without my phone if I’m honest. Leaving it at home if I’m just popping out to run an errand is quite impossible. First of all, I feel safer having it with me, but also I know that if I’m “bored” I’ll have something to do. The thing is, that’s what happens any time of the day and I think it’s a problem.

I’m part of a generation that is so used to always having an Internet connected device to pass time that it has become a bad habit. Some of us are so used to having something to do anytime that we don’t know how to relax or not multi-task all the time. For some activities, I don’t think it’s bad. For example I love listening to a podcast when I’m cooking, cleaning or on the treadmill. It’s a good way to enjoy the moment and learn some things whilst doing something productive. But watching TV and scrolling at the same time is not good.


We don’t know how to live in the moment anymore. We don’t know how to just enjoy just being there, gazing outside, watching something without scrolling at the same time, how to read a book without picking up our phone every time we see a notification popping on our screen. I keep saying that time goes by too quickly but maybe that’s the reason why, because I don’t often live in the moment.

So here are a few ways to get rid of this bad habit:

  • Use an app or information on your phone to see how long you spend on your phone/online and try to limit it. Choose a certain amount of time to be online and try to limit it.
  • Get your phone in another room. Put wifi on “off” and put  it on ringtone if necessary and leave it far away from you or in another room to make sure you won’t pick it up.
  • Try not to get on your phone during meals (especially breakfast)
  • I know that for me I always take my phone even if I’m going on a walk to take photos so if you have a camera take it instead.
  • When you are on your laptop or TV watching something, put your phone farther away than arms length.


Do you think you have the same problem? What do you do to be more in the present?


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