Who Am I in this Blogging World?

The idea that there are hundreds of thousands of people in the blogging community makes my head hurt when I think about it. So many people blogging their way through life whether it’s as a hobby, a part-time job or their full job. This community that has created a whole new industry. That helps people on the daily. Whoa.

However, an issue that I often lose myself in is the one of numbers. The blogging community is so vast that some people think that to help make sense of it, we should judge with numbers. But do numbers really reflect the value of someone’s work? Does it really translate the power of their message? Should it really equal one’s worth? I don’t think so.

I sometimes ask myself, but who am I really in this blogging world? I don’t really have a niche, I like to write lifestyle posts, beauty posts, sometimes the odd fitness and mental health post. So am I a lifestyle blogger? A beauty blogger? Not a real blogger because I don’t make money out of blogging? It’s quite confusing. What I like to think is that since I own a blog, yes, I am a blogger. A small one, but still one. What I write doesn’t reach the entire world, but the fact that people from any part of the world actually read my posts is already incredible and mind-blowing.

I’m not going to lie and say that I always feel like this is enough for me and I’m totally content with this reach because it’s not true. Sometimes, I have a down patch of time where I think that my work is not enough, that I don’t spend enough time blogging, that I’m not good enough of a blogger or writer. Sometimes I think numbers = quality. I’m only human after all.

But when that happens, I take some time offline, focus on other things that make me feel happy to fuel my creativity and positivity. I rant a bit on Instagram stories and then receive incredible messages from followers or fellow bloggers telling me that they enjoy my work and that I should be proud of what I put out there. And just this handful of people make my day.

You don’t need loads of people validating you to be worth it. You are worth it. You were born worth it. Yes, this blogging sphere is sometimes confusing and I feel a bit drowned, but I’m still going to keep on posting because I love it. And even if I don’t blog as much as I would like to because life happens, it’s okay. It just means that each post is more precious. I want a real following that is there for because they enjoy my posts, not because they’ve been “bought” by follow-for-follow or “like my post and I’ll like yours” or anything like that. It works for other bloggers but not for me, I want it to come from the heart and not from an agenda.

There are so many bloggers I look up to who are doing a fab job so here are a few:

Bella Inizio


Petite Ellie

Beth Sandland


Natalie leanne

From roses

Gemma Louise

Jodie Melissa

Sophie rosie

The little plum


Who inspires you in the blogging community and what kind of post do you prefer reading? 



6 thoughts on “Who Am I in this Blogging World?

  1. This post is beautiful and I so need to read this! Honestly I think we all feel this way and it comes from the heart. Naturally we think of numbers. I also do not follow the follow for follow games because it just does not seem real. Although my growth is slow it’s worth it knowing the people who do follow me actually enjoy my content!

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