In a Creative Rut? Here’s What to Do

I don’t know if it’s the heat, the lack of rest or just posting three times a week but for the past couple weeks I’ve felt in a creative rut. I have not good blogpost idea, I feel like my ideas are too “mainstream” and I have no creativity for photos.


Instead of getting all worked up about this, I’ve decided to do what I know works best. Here are some of my tips for when you are feeling uncreative.

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Rest your brain

I know that often for me, if I’m not feeling creative and have zero ideas, it’s because my brain is overworked. Right now, I’ve been working on a very annoying software, writing my 50 pages thesis and running like a headless chicken for weeks. What my brains needs is a few days of not thinking, we’re flying to London on Sunday so that will be the perfect time to enjoying a relaxing few days and come back full of inspiration.

IMG_5104Sometimes Social Media is your best friend (…sometimes)

Instagram, Bloglovin and Pinterest can be your best pal when you cannot find motivation or ideas for your online space(s). Seeing how amazing people are doing, what drives them, their creative perspective, photos, other blogposts, imagery can help you to come up with ideas and find back some creativity.


Do other things that make you happy

If you cannot for the life of you find some ideas for your creative space or anything, just do other things. It’s normal to find yourself stuck at times, it’s an opportunity to do other things that you love and enjoy. Often, it’s just what you need.

Just don’t push it

I find that when I force myself to do something is when I end up not being happy about it and feel even worse. I just have to take a step back, take some time off and come back when I feel like it, otherwise I’ll just get sick of it and it’ll take all the fun and the love I have for it.

What is your magic secret for overcoming feeling in a rut?

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