Sharing the Love – 10 of My Favorite Posts of September


The blogging world has been such an amazing discovery for me. I love having a place to read about my favorite topics, about what other bloggers are passionate about, what matters to them or what has been going on in their life. I feel like I am a part of a community where I can share about anything I love and won’t be judged but rather will be able to find other people interested in this matter and I love it.

So it feels totally right to share some of my favorite posts of the month written by fellow bloggers. Unfortunately I cannot share every post I have loved in the past month but rather the one that stayed on my mind and made an impact.

I won’t go into details about the post, but rather let the posts talk for themselves…

Sophie Cliff

Sophie CliffPodcasts to Download for your Commute

Curly and Wordy

Curly and wordyHow to Survive Studying English


LaurzrahHow to Blog When You Have No Time

Natalie Leanne

Natalie LeanneDo I Have a Blog Niche?


SopharsogoodDealing with Weight Gain


From RosesHey it’s Ok


LaurenevieFive Ways to Look after your Mental Health


Earth to LozFibromyalgia Update – What I’ve been doing and Things that help

Alice May Snell

Alice May SnellBourjois Rouge Velvet Matte Lipsticks


I hope you have discovered new bloggers and/or enjoyed these posts,


Which posts have you loved or have had an impact on you lately?

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