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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am still fairly new to the Podcast world. I only discovered the amazingness of podcasts when Anna from The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles launched their podcast back in May and I was hooked. Not only is it absolutely amazing to hear an interview, but it also feels like you are part of a conversation hearing the voices, the tone of the voice and laughs. There are so many podcasts – like so many – about any subject light or deep so you can definitely find ones you love.

I listened to them on my way to and from my internship from around mid-May to my last day of internship at the end of July and it was so nice. Not only does it make time pass way faster (1h30 of driving a day can be long) but it also gives you some knowledge and relaxing time.

I’ve compiled the interviews I have absolutely loved and that I highly recommend you give a listen. Of course, these are my favorite podcasts so I really love every interview but these were really the ones that inspired me, taught me things or just made me learn more about people I knew – or didn’t know – that I really enjoyed.

At Home With – by Lily Pebbles and the Anna Edit

All of them. There first season contained only 10 episodes and, as I love both these influencers, I adored every guest of their podcast. I really love beauty, the blogging and the youtube world and these guest were the best. I learned so much from all of them whether it’s about them, their career and achievements, their creativeness… It just felt like the best 30-45 minutes. I am so excited for season 2!

Hey, It’s Okay – by Glamour UK
  • Louise Pentland,
  • Pixiwoo,
  • Alesha Dixon,
  • Bella Younger aka DeliciouslyElla,
  • Giovanna Fletcher,
  • Fearne Cotton,
  • Sophie Kinsella,
  • Dawn French,
  • Caitlin Moran,
  • Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton,
  • Charlie XCX,
  • Fleur de Force
  • … are the ones I loved the best but honestly I just really love the concept of the questions that allow discussions on certain topics. I also love the diversity of the guests and the randomness of the questions.
The Emma Guns Show by Emma Gunavardhana

First of all, I love Emma’s voice. She sounds so calm and has an amazing voice and felt so nice to listen to. Just throwing that out there…

  • Pixiwoo,
  • Alex Steinherr,
  • FleurdeForce,
  • Caroline Hirons,
  • Really Ree,
  • Chloe Brotheridge,
  • Dr Murad,
  • Jo Elvin,
  • Jules Von Hepp,
  • Cameron Carrera,
  • Mother Pukka
  • … I really love that her podcast is always around an hour long, actually. Some people might think it’s too much but I feel like it’s the right amount of time to really get to know the guest and to discuss different topics without rushing. Her podcast is a bit more beauty-orientated which I love and her questions always on point.


Do you have any podcast recommendations?


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