Bourjois NEW Healthy Mix Foundation & Concealer

Hello there!

I was browsing my local drugstore a while ago and came across the new Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I already had the previous version and love it but the makeup addict in me (and the -30%) made me buy it as well as the new concealer.

Bourjois New Healthy Mix and foundation

My sister had bought the concealer the previous Saturday and totally loved it so I thought I would give it a try too as skins are so different. I.Love.It. It‘s so good! I would say it has a medium coverage, blends amazingly and totally brightens the undereye area. I have used it every single time I have done my makeup and as a light foundation for no-makeup makeup looks.

For the new formula of the foundation, I am totally chocked but it has not worked for me yet. I don’t know why, I have tried it on school days and it didn’t really last well on the skin, and now in internship, by the time I arrive at work (about an hour after applying it), it looks cakey and separates specially on my chin and the sides of my nose. I still think that it might be because of the recycled air of the car, so I try to open the windows as much as possible but it still doesn’t look great, and the coverage seems to be not as good as the old version, maybe a light to medium. It still makes you look radiant though.

I am so pumped about it not working for me, I am still continuing to try different versions (of primers and ways to use it), because I want to make it work. Have you tried this one? How did you get on with it? I’d love to know if it’s just my skin, the car journey or just the formula.

Hope you enjoyed!

Xx Gaby

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