Review: Garnier Protection Lotion

Hello everyone!

So today I wanted to talk about a product that I cannot live without ever since I started using it. With summer around the corner, a couple months ago I was on the hunt for a good face protection lotion. The ones I had tried were way too greasy for me, having a tendency to get a bit oily throughout the day.

I picked up the Garner Protection Lotion Ultra-hydrating in a travel size to test it out.

1It has SPF 50 which is absolutely perfect,it claims to have a 24h hydration and a quick absorption for face and body. It’s also non-greasy and is water resistant.

For the 24h hydration,  I put it on every single morning but since I shower every night, I have never tested the 24h hydration. However, it is very hydrating and has a quick absorption and is not greasy whatsoever, and to be honest, I even feel like it prevents my face for getting oily throughout the day which is pretty great. Another good point is that though I have a very sensitive skin and it has never made me breakout and even makes my skin look super healthy and glowy, I even get compliments from my sister telling me that my skin looks amazing. It kind of also works as a glowing primer without making your foundation look cake-y or make your skin greasy.

Overall, I think this is an amazing product all year round as your skin needs to be protected  from the sun. I will definitely buy a full size once I will run out of this one.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and hope you have an amazing day wherever you are in the world!

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xoxo Gaby


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