Kiko Haul: Portugal

Hello gorgeous!

I’ve just come back from my holidays in Portugal and I have a little haul for you! We went shopping and I saw a Kiko store and basically ran towards it, and then I remembered there were still sales and I just lost it…

The discounts were amazing but because of that, there wasn’t a lot of choice, so there wasn’t that much choice, I really wanted a blush but there was nothing I loved, but I still found amazing products that I have already tried out.


First I picked up some single eyeshadows. I got their Highly Pigmented Eye Shadow in 102, a gorgeous gold, and 137 a deep burgundy color with a bit of berry and a reddish undertone. They are not the most pigmented shadows and they don’t last all day, they kind of fade a bit after a few hours (however, it was extremely hot so maybe that didn’t help, plus, I wasn’t wearing an eye primer) but maybe if you wet your brush a little bit, the color payoff could better. They were 1,40 euros each, with a discount of 51%.(=1,50USD, 1,20GBP, 2CAD, 2AUD).
shadowsshadows swatches

There was a ton of choice for the lip products so I picked up two of their Shining Star Lip Lackers in 02 Unique Magenta, a pink with mauve undertones with a bit of raspberry in it, and 04 Innocent Sangria, a deeper, more raspberry-toned pink. They look quite glossy on the lips but are not uncomfortable to wear, they last for a bit but since they are shiny, you do have to reapply them after a couple hours or if you drink or eat something. However, I think you can mattify them but putting a single layer of tissue on your lips and applying translucent powder onto your lips. I can’t find my receipt but I think they were about 2,40 euros each (2,60USD, 2GBP, 3,45CAD, 3,50AUD).lip lacquers boxes2




I don’t own a lot of lip pencils and I am quite into them at the moment so I picked up four of them. The first two are the Endless Love lip pencils in 02 Dinky Magenta (left), as the name suggests a red with a bit of raspberry, and 04 Romance Cyclamen (right) a bright pink with a bit of fuchsia in it. (I know they look very similar… BUT 04 is more mauve-y and is darker). They are super pigmented and last for soo long, I even struggled to wash the swatches off my hand ( I tried it on my hand when I got it and just wiped it off with a tissue and forgot to use makeup remover, the next day, even after having showered at night, you could still see the swatches). They were 1,10 euros with a 71% discount (so about 1,20USD, 0,80GBP, 1,44CAD, 1,47AUD).lacquers boxes

lip liners hearts swatches

The other two lip pencils are the Smart Lip Pencils in 709 Magenta (left swatch) a fuchsia pink and 712 Rose Mauve (right swatch) a nude, which is so perfect for my lips, just a slightly bit darker than the natural color. They last for a very long time, I wore Magenta for around 9 hours in the pool and it was 38°C and it never moved and didn’t wear off. I even struggled to take it off when I took off my makeup at night.lip liners

lip liners swatches

They were 1,70 euros with a 35% discount (about 1,86USD, 1,42GBP, 2,45CAD, 2,50AUD).

I am so happy that I love everything I picked up, I love Kiko they have amazing products and their sales are really great!

I hope you guys enjoyed! Don’t forget to follow me on social media!

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snapchat: gabysmile16

xoxo Gaby


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