Must-have Lipstick: M.A.C. Cosmetics

Hello guys!

Can you believe that before a month ago I didn’t own a Mac Lipstick? I know, crazy. Mac is quite a well-known brand but it’s a bit on the pricier side so I waited a bit before I got one, or a few ’cause I mean, can you really buy only one?

My mom bought me one in the Duty Free of the airport shop when my family visited me in April but since it was on the way back, I couldn’t try it(that was very hard…). I waited for when I returned to France a month ago ago to buy a few more at the same Duty Free and spent hours beforehand searching for swatches of the Mac Lipstick to pick a couple to buy.

The one my mom bought me is Velvet Teddy as she knew I really wanted it. It’s the one on the left, a gorgeous nude with a bit of peachy-brown in it. The other two I bought are Mehr, a dusty rose and Whirl, a brown. I love them. I wanted matte shades because I hate having to re-apply my lipstick ten thousand times during the day and as I am a student, I need something that won’t budge during class. However, as my lips tend to get dry super easily, I was a bit scared to only get matte shades, at this price, I wanted to buy something I was sure to wear often. And I was right, actually then are really creamy and don’t dry out my lips, then stay one for quite some time and you can definitely apply a second layer when it starts to wear off, you won’t emphasize the dryness of the lips.

Left to right: Velvet Teddy – Whirl – Mehr


I will definitely buy other Mac lipsticks because they are so good quality, they smell amazing, they are super creamy but don’t move around, and stay one for a good amount of time. I love that you can either apply a little bit just to get a bit of color or a good layer or too to really show the true color and you don’t need a lip liner because they are really pigmented.

Do you own a Mac lipstick? Which one do you love the most/wear the most?

Hope you guys enjoy!

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xoxo Gaby

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