Some of my favourites: Kiko products

Hello lovelies!

When my parents came to visit a month ago, I asked them to bring some of my makeup back as I didn’t know if everything would fit in my suitcase. I realize that I have kept most of my Kiko products and I thought I would share them with you as they are amazing.

Kiko is an affordable brand and they have really great products.

First I kept the Eyelash curler that I bought recently as, well you always need one, I guess.

I also kept the Kiko 30 days night treatment that I was – and still am- trying out and is fabulous. I made a post about if you want to check it out. Another mascara I kept is the Kiko Longeyes Plus Active mascara. It’s your regular black lengthening mascara but it also has active ingredients that promote eyelashes’ natural growth. I love it, it makes my lashes quite long but still looking natural.



For the cheeks, I kept the Kiko Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush in 03 Coral Rose. It’s quite a creamy formula with a medium pigmentation. I use it by rubbing it on the back of my hand and they applying it using a small stippling brush. It looks natural and the color is perfect for spring/summer.

blush stick

For the eyes, I kept all 3 eye pencils. The two first are the Smart Eye Pencils in 812 Golden Spring Green and 806 Iris Violet. They are incredibly pretty colours and last for a very long time. The last one is the Sportproof Eye Pencil in a bright purple shade. It’s from a previous collection so I believe it’s no longer available.

eye pencilseye pencil swatches

Lastly, one of my favourite lipstick for fall, the Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15 in 815 Rhododendron Pink. The formula is really creamy and glossy, and it smell so good like very sweet. Since it’s not a matte formula it doesn’t like very long but it fades quite nicely and is moisturizing.



I also have a ton of their nail lacquers and quick dry which are really good and have a really large range of colours but my parents took them back to France.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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xoxo Gaby

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