Kiko 30 Days Night Treatment Mascara


A month ago, after going on the Kiko website, I decided to try their 30-Day Night Treatment mascara.

I don’t have the shortest lashes nor the longest. I wish I had my sister’s lashes, the longest, fullest, thickest lashes ever – see picture below, but I don’t.

Snapchat-9083198205362009207 2 no mascara – I know, lucky her

I bought two of them, unsure how long they would last (but I still haven’t finished the first one after a month of using it sometimes twice).

The website describes it as a “Gel lash lengthener night treatment +169% growth in 30 days”. I read a few reviews on the website and online, which most were quite positive and decided to give it a go.

I used iit n the morning, which lasted all day, and at night after my shower or just once a day. They have one for day-time but the ratings on the UK website weren’t as good.

I am actually very happy about the results. Quite quickly, I noticed that my lashes looked thicker. They get quite long with a good mascara and are okay without it but the tips are lighter so they don’t appear very long. But the Kiko treatment helped to lenghten them as well as giving me more and thicker lashes. My left eye  has shorter lashes and even on this eye I noticed a change for the better.


Snapchat-6424685895654007044 after – right eye Snapchat-4437602187649521529

Snapchat-5864394826310139610after – left eye Snapchat-7277266636347335835

The treatment itself is quite simple. You just put mascara all over your lashes as you would with a normal mascara. It’s clear and just looks as if your lashes are wet. After a few minutes it dries out and done!

As I am on study mode for my exams and have been for (what feels like forever) 5 weeks, I haven’t bothered to put makeup on everyday so I was able to put it on twice a day and actually it made my lash line and lashes look thicker and more black so that was a bonus.

I would recommend to try this mascara if you want thicker/longer/more lashes as it worked for me and Kiko is an affordable brand(currently the all Kiko mascaras are 3,90£ right now go check it out if you want one!).

I hope you guys enjoyed and have a Happy Sunday and Mother’s day for some!

Lots of love,







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