Bright Summery lips: NYX lip creams

Hello gorgeous!

With the end of the semester arriving, I feel like summer will be soon here! And I am so excited about that. Warm sunny days, bikinis and barbecues, swimming-pools and reading books and magazines with big sunglasses on… yes, please! I feel like summer calls for bright lips, any color as long as it resists the heat!

A few months ago, as I was – again- browsing the Asos website, I ventured on the Beauty category and discovered with joy that they had the NYX soft matte lip creams. I had been looking for them for so long and wanted to try some. They didn’t have that all the colors and had no swatches so I looked a bit online and tried to find some that I could like.


Milan (one layer)

I started by picking Amsterdam a gorgeous bright red then picking up Milan a girly pink. I didn’t think Milan would be so bright to be honest, I wanted to get out of my comfort but the tube did not show the same color. However, I feel like in the summer, it would be an amazing color to wear with a tan without looking too out there.


The texture is quite intriguing, it is like a thin mousse, that’s the only way I can explain it. It goes smootly on the lips but I find that I have to be careful to start with the centre of my bottom lips since the applicator tend to have a bit too much product on. After it has dried up, you feel like you have nothing on your lips to be honest, it feels totally dry and does not move. The staying power is pretty good as well, though my lips get dry after a while (but they get dry very quickly so that might just be me). I would also suggest applying a lip liner before as it is a bit difficult to apply on the outside.

I will definitely get more of those as I really don’t like re-applying lipstick and those don’t really need touching-up. I have my eye on Cannes and  few more pink reds so stay tuned for more!


I hope you guys enjoyed!

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xoxo Gaby

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