Rimmel faves or a One-brand Makeup look

Hello everyone!

I realized while writing my last post that I own a lot of Rimmel products.

I find that Rimmel is a very affordable brand and has a lot of good-quality items. As I am a student which goes without saying, on a budget, I try to find products in the drugstore that meet my expectations for my makeup. It seems now that I could do an entire makeup look just using Rimmel products (which never occured to me before…).

Let’s start with the primer. Everytime I do my makeup and I need it to last or I know I will get hot, I use the Stay Matte primer. No matter how hot I get or the weather, I find that it really makes a difference in the staying power of my foundation.

Talking about foundation, I own two of them and one BB cream. The first one I bought was the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, and I still LOVE it. Even if I am super tired and my skin looks dull, after putting this on, it looks as if I am coming back from holiday! I look healthy, awake and it helps to cover any redness or blemishes/blemish scars pretty well. The second one I got is the Rimmel Match Perfection.It gives a really nice finish to the skin as it perfects it and still looks glowy/healthy. It stays on all day (and I never touch-up during the day) and still looks good. The BB cream has quite a fair amount of coverage, I would say light to medium and looks both healthy and natural – and it has SPF 25 which is amazing, and the two other have SPF 15 and 18.

For concealer I use the Wake Me Up concealer and while it’s not the highest coverage, it makes me look more awake and brightens under the eyes. I then put the Stay Matte powder on top so that everything stays in place.

I don’t own a Rimmel bronzer – though I should as it seems to be great, but I do have the Blush Lasting Finish in 20 Pink Rose. It is such a pretty pink that gives a bit of shimmer and not too much color on your cheeks.

For my brows I use the Brow This Way brow gel which helps to keep the hairs in place while still adding some color to the brows. For the eyelid primer I have the Exagerate Primer but I have to admit that I don’t use it that much, I find that though it helps to keep the shadow in place, it doesn’t prevent it from creasing. The eyeshadow that I have is the Glam’eyes in Gold Record which is a gorgeous bronze-y gold. It does have a bit of fallout so you have to be careful while applying it – I usually use my fingers.

Snapchat-7916766007715949244 (looks a bit more bronze-y in real life)

For mascaras, I have used- and finished two of them, the Lash Accelerator mascara and I really like it. It is a bit too wet at first but after a few weeks it allows you to get long lashes.


My other favourite is the Wonder’full mascara. While nourishing your lashes with moroccan oil it also helps to define your lashes and lengthen them. It basically looks like you just have natural long lashes.

Rimmel Wonder'full

For lips I have the well known Kate Moss Lipsticks in 107 and 111 as well as a Rimmel nude color, The Only Lipstick in Naughty Nude.

Snapchat-2400709318603571917Naughty Nude/ 107/ 111

I also own a nail polish from Rimmel, it’s the 60 Second in Cherry on Top which is a deep berry color.


Overall I think Rimmel is really reliable brand. There is something for everyone a good selection of colors.

Hope you like it!

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xoxo Gaby


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