Marionnaud Parfumerie Beauty Products

Hello beautiful!

I was tidying my beauty drawers the other day and realized that I own some really good products from Marionnaud.

If you don’t know, Marionnaud is a cosmetic and perfumery in France – and other countries I think. I would say it’s mostly high-end brands but the store’s line, Marionnaud, is affordable and of good quality.

Capture d’écran (317)Capture d’écran (318)

Over the years,I have tried their eyes, lips and nail products and I have to say that I love them. They have a really nice selection of colours, the price are affordable, they make really good gift bags and have a lot of offers on nail polishes.

MARIONNAUD PALETTE – 9€90 – US$11-12 – $7,70


This palette is so good. It has huge mirror and the color selection basically enables you to create any eyelook. I use it all the time and everytime I’m blown away by the colors.However make sure to shake off the excess product as it tends to have a bit of fall-out. It also has a bottow compartment wth a row of lip colors and one of blushes. They are quite pigmented and quite different colours.




Just one word. Amazing. I paint my nails once a week and when I painted them last Monday I decided to go for the color on the right which is a deep shimmery berry and I was blown away. I hadn’t used a Marionnaud nailpolish for a few weeks and the pigmentation blown my mind, I even wondered if I should put on a second coat. It’s so pigmented after one coat you are basically done.  So good. They have an amazing selection and often an offer like 3 for 2.

MARIONNAUD Baulm Crayon – €12,90 – US$14,5 – £10


Their lip ‘baulm crayon'(Crayon Baume Lumière) are also really good. They are really moisturizing with a light touch of color. You can put them on without a mirror and not look totally freaky which I really appreciate as I don’t really like to get my pocket mirror out in the hallways at University.

I have the color 02 – Nude Intemporel – Timeless Nude (left swatch) and 01 – Bois de Rose Liberté – Liberty Rosewood (right swatch)


My sister also has an eyeshadow palette which she loves and we both have a makeup bag (she has a silver one and I have a gold one) which are so beautiful.

So if you ever come across a Marionnaud store I really recommend taking a look at their product!


Hope you enjoyed this post!

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xoxo Gaby






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