Drugstore Mascara : Current Faves

3 mascaras

In my opinion, mascara is the key to a successful makeup look.

Depending on what you want your look to be, mascara will change your look. When I pick up a mascara, I always look for the ones that will give me length. I love the look of long lashes that still look natural so not too thick, that give me length without having to apply a ton of coats that will make my lashes clumpy and also, that won’t be hard to take off.

I have to admit that it’s quite hard to find. But in the last year, I have found three mascaras that give different looks and that I can combine.

Rimmel Wonder’full

Rimmel Wonder'fullRimmel Wonder'full

The wand has a ton of thin bristles that defines every lash without clumping them. It doesn’t put too much product on so it gives a very natural look to the lashes while adding some length. I love this mascara on its one for no-makeup makeup looks or when I just want a natural makeup. It has argan oil in it so it also nourishes the lashes and I have noticed that since using it, my lashes look better.

L’Oreal Telescopic

L'Oreal TelescopicL'oreal Telescopic

The l’Oreal Telescopic mascara is quite a hit-and-miss for me.

It has tiny hard bristles and the wand is very slim. It gives a lot of length and clumps a little the lashes. If find that depending on days – whether I’m tired or my eyes are a bit puffy – I will struggle to lenghten my lashes without my lashes to be clumpy and too thick.

So what I always do is that I first use the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara to define my lashes and only use the l’Oreal Telescopic for the tips.

Mascara mixL'Oreal telescopic 2

Ta-daaa Not too-many clumps and length! It doesn’t look too over-the-top, I love it!


Max factor Masterpiece

Max factor Masterpiece

This one is a recent purchase since I bought it two weeks ago. I still haven’t made up my mind for using it on its own. The first time I used it, I had just taken off the mascara I had on so my lashes were still wet from the makeup remover. It looked amazing, I was blown away by how long and natural my lashes looked.


But since, as you can see on the photo of the wand, there is too much product on the wand and it applies too much product so I always have to use an eyelash wand to get the excess product off. So instead, I again put the Rimmel Wonder’full mascara first and apply the Max Factor Masterpiece on the tips.


I still sometimes have to use an eyelash wand if I find that it’s too thick on the tips but it still helps with the length so I’m okay with that.


Hope you liked it!!

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xoxo Gaby



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