Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 or my new favourite everyday eyeshadow


I finally got my hands on the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24h (woop woop!) and I am never letting them go.



I was never able to find some around where I live, which is a small city, so when it appeared on my “recommendation for you” on Amazon (which is absolutely amazing and very dangeroung for my wallet) let me tell you that I danced around for an hour.

It took me an hour to decide which ones to go for. I’m quite on the restricted side budget-wise because of my upcoming year abroad so Amazon was great for that as prices are a bit different that in stores.


I was so happy when I found the one shade I was really looking for: On and On Bronze. Oh.My.God. I don’t even know where to start. It’s a mix of brown and bronze with gold undertones in a creamy consistency. It applies really well and can also work as a base for your eyeshadow. However it’s not really pigmented but you can build it up from a more sheer color to a more medium color. The only thing with this is that you have to apply it and blend it right away because it dries quite quickly so I usually do it one eye at a time.


When I got the color that I always wanted, I started searching for colors that I love and usually enhance my green eyes: purply colors. I found one that I absolutely love. Metallic Pomegranate. It’s an amazing kind of burgundy color with pinkish undertones that is so beautiful and make my eyes pop so well. I love it.


I also picked up Eternal Gold that is, well, gold (good description Gaby). It’s really gorgeous but I find it to be a bit chunky and less creamy in the consistency so it’s a bit hard to apply and blend.

I am so happy with these and haven’t used any other product for my eyes ever since I bought them – and it’s been almost a month.

What do you think about them and which one do you reach for the most?

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