13 Little Things You Can Do To Feel Less Anxious/Stressed

juin 21, 2017

Hello lovelies!

Who doesn’t get stressed out from time to time? Whether it’s normally life/work/other related ‘normal’ stress or an anxiety disorder, it happens to lots of us. For the past year, I have learnt to do my best to deal with anxiety and to try to « tame the beast » let’s just say. It isn’t easy for sure, but I have compiled a few tips and tricks and thought that I would share them with you as it might help some of you – hopefully.



  1. Breath more through your nose

Somebody (who basically had known me for like 2 weeks) made me notice that I don’t breath enough and take shallow breaths. Since noticing that, I have tried to breath “better” and to take deeper breath, especially when I start to feel anxious and it has really made a difference.




  1. Drink Less (or No) caffeine or sugary drinks and eat healthy

I used to drink a large coffee every morning but since about February have switched to green tea during the week and boy that’s better! It used to give me palpitations I noticed afterwards and made me more fidgety.



  1. Sleep

That’s a hard one for me, but try to sleep enough and well. I usually either have a hard time falling asleep and/or wake up around 5-6 a.m. and find it hard to go back to sleep. But I make sure that if I sleep, I will have between 8-9h of sleep during the week. Or more than 7 hours would be nice.




  1. Meditate

This made quite a difference. I used to think it was useless, that my mind wasn’t made for this. Back in February, my boyfriend and I were in bed at night when he came across an article on Facebook about songs designed to help the mind calm down with certain rhythms. I searched on Spotify and created a playlist with them. They were created with scientists to find sounds and ondes that work on the brain (it’s more complicated than that but I can’t find the article) and since then, I listen to a “song” (which lasts 5 to 9min) to medidate. I just put my headphones on and just let my mind wander. It’s usually the time that I can let all the bad thoughts turn into more positive ones, think about whatever has been on my mind (without realizing sometimes) to help me “get it out of my system” before going to sleep. I do it after some laptop time and before reading and it has helped a ton. I usually can feel the tiredness and my mind and heart calming down.



  1. Take some time for yourself

Either with a bath, a book, a movie, a series, a walk, a nap, spending time with friends, cuddle your dog, or whatever floats your boat, try to make sure that each week or even better each day, you take to for you. To just do sometimes you enjoy and that makes you feel positive and happy. It will definitely change the game.



  1. Exercise

This one is talked about so much but is true. Whatever makes you anxious, even if there is no defined reason (trust me I know all about this), make sure to sweat it out. Try to find a workout you enjoy – to go well with number 5 – and just try to workout either every day, or as much as possible, even for 15min to get your heart pumping out all of the bad thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I get on the elliptical and just find myself at 20km/h for 45 minutes watching a movie. I am then dripping with sweat and my body aches (in a good way) and I feel way calmer. Sometimes I just do a quick 10 minutes PopPilates session and I am feeling better. Depends.



  1. Laugh

Scientists say that you should laugh for 30min each day to be a happier person and I think it’s true. Laughing makes you feel better, more positive, and relaxes you. If you can’t find someone every day to make you laugh, I am sure you’ll find something on YouTube 😉



  1. Make a list of what makes you anxious

Sometimes when feeling anxious, I don’t even know the cause. I suffer from anxiety so it can be triggered by the littlest thought or something I haven’t realized caused me to feel like that. So I sit down and write on whatever device or paper what could be the cause. And sometimes the list is long, and sometimes I need a meditation session to work it out. It will make you see things more clearly and help you try to try to find a solution.



  1. Get outside

Getting outside in the fresh air can really help you to relax and see things differently. It’s always nice to see new things and to wander or even just sit down in a park and just take it all in. Getting out of your routine can help to relax your mind.



  1. Cuddle someone

Sometimes a little cuddle with your partner, a family member, your pet or a friend can be exactly what you need.  A physical contact can help you relax and put things into perspective. And you can talk to them, yes even to your pet, to just express yourself and get some help.



  1. Do more of what you love

This one is a bit like number 6 but it’s more active. For example, for me, I love blogging or taking pictures or just writing as an active activity. It makes me feel inspired, more positive, it helps to get my thoughts down (even if it’s about makeup), it just releases tension and a need to create. For example, I know that my sister loves to draw, so sometimes I find her combining number 6 and 9 by drawing while watching a Youtube video. It could be painting, horseriding, doing some DIY, cooking, gardening… whatever you love doing just make time for that. You need it.



  1. Trust Yourself

Trust that you will feel better and that it won’t last forever. That whatever makes you anxious you can work on, it might take time but you can tackle it. It can be hard, trust me I know, but you have to have this voice in your head telling you that you are stronger than this and won’t let anxiety rule your life. I love this quote and feel like it sums up the battle.

I hope you found this helpful, these have been my little tips and tricks to help me try to handle anxiety and to live a happier life,

Whatever you are going through, you will get through it, life is made of ups and downs, but the downs make the ups even better

Xx Gaby

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