Goals I Want to Reach Before the End of 2017

November 8, 2017


There are officially 53 days left of 2017. I don’t know where the year has gone to be honest. It took me ages to get used to this year, like 5 months and now it’s already the end.

Though there is not much left of it, I still have a few goals I’d like to achieve before the end of this year.

Organizing. I’d really like to get my organization back on track. Last week was my mid-term break and actually the start of a quite busy end of semester. We have so many group projects and exams coming up that I don’t even know where to start. Because I was at my parents’ I wanted to make the most of being with my sister, which I think I did as we studied next to each other on the living-room table. But because of how much we needed to do, I couldn’t really relax nor take some time to take a step back and organize my work. I was a bit all over the place and now that we have pretty much all the dates of the exams and reports, I have to organize myself a bit better and let the list-freak that I am loose.

Working out. I’ve been back at the gym for the second week now and love it. I feel so much better afterwards and the next day, I can tell that my body and mind really appreciate it. It’s always a bit difficult at the beginning of the class to let go of my worries and of the stress, but after a few minutes, I feel much more relaxed and focused. Though working out is good for the mind, I would also like it to help me lose a few kilos. I haven’t been feeling my most confident in the past few years and I think it’s definitely time to work for a body I am proud of and confident in. I want to feel and look toned and not always feel bad whenever I see myself on pictures or in the mirror…

Blogging. After a few months of not growing much, I’ve been gaining more and more subscribers lately. I know that it shouldn’t matter and it’s not the most important, but it does feel good to know that someone appreciates and likes your posts, so much that they want to subscribe. It would really be the best end of the year present to reach a total of 300 subscribers and I really hope I can get there. I’m currently at 280 combining WordPress and Bloglovin so it may happen but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I actually never thought I would get more that 150 subscribers and even that felt crazy so I’m already so grateful for everything.


Did you set a few goals you’d like to reach before 2018?

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  1. These are great goals! Good luck achieving them 😊

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